Summer Movies for Kids 2016

Summer movies for the kids are in full swing.

The kids are out of school and parents are thinking of numerous ways to keep the activities flowing. While outdoor activities such as the beach, pool, and amusement parks are always surefire ways to keep the little ones entertained, there’s nothing like watching a summer blockbuster for animated adventures and more.

For the 2016 kids’ summer movie season, characters from games are transformed onto the big screen. Funny comedies that even moms and dads will enjoy are on the list as well as those blast from the past stories and movies are being reinvented for new viewers. 

Here is what’s in store for movie-hype watching time for the remainder of movies released in June and those coming up in July:

FINDING DORY – Opens June 17

Movie Meter AGE: Young children and tweens – Rated PG

Movie Chatter: Already in theaters – This Disney/Pixar production is a sequel to FINDING NEMO and is drawing lots of happy viewers.  

THE BFG – Opens July 1

Movie Meter Age: Children and tweens – Rated PG

Movie Chatter: The popular fantasy book has popped onto the big screen under the direction of Steven Spielberg. While it’s sure to be a great production, parents are being advised that if their children are sensitive, they may be bothered by scenes with the giants. 


Move Meter Age: Kids and Tweens – Rated PG

Movie Chatter: The main dog in this animated animal comedy is Louis C.K. whose sidekicks are unique and funny characters. 

PHANTOM BOY – Opens July 15

Movie Meter Age: Tweens –Rated PG

Movie Chatter: Described as an animated noir movie, this French piece is better suited for mature kids who will be able to read the subtitles and handle more serious elements in the film about an ill boy who has ghostlike powers.

ICE AGE: Collision Course – Opens July 22

Movie Meter Age: Kids and Tween – Rated PG

Movie Chatter: The Ice Age has returned with another fantasy animated adventure. Everyone’s favorite characters are on the screen while new ones get their introductions along the way.

Other titles which include top mentions for tween, teens, and older teens include Genius, TMNT: Out of the Shadows, Now You See Me, Warcraft, Central Intelligence, Independence Day, The Shallows, The Legend of Tarzan, Equals, Ghostbusters, Lights Out, Star Trek Beyond, and Jason Bourne.

Have a great time at the movies!