Human Pregnancy

As surrogate mothers give so much of themselves to help a childless couple finally have the family they always dreamed of, Extraordinary Conceptions recognizes that these special women need a team who is there and is at their beck and call.

We strive to provide the encouragement and support which surrogates may seek.

Yes, while a surrogate may have wonderful attention from her family at home, she may require another cushion of emotional support and guidance during this wonderful journey.

Our surrogacy team at Extraordinary Conceptions offers sage advice since some of them have been former surrogates. Our ladies who have walked down the surrogacy path before provide inspiration and are there during special milestone celebrations.

Extraordinary Conceptions offers a top-notch Surrogacy Sisterhood online support group which is unparalleled.

Our compassionate team will be there for surrogate mothers when she embraces those memory-trigging kicking sessions throughout the day and evening, an ever-growing baby belly, and craving a new food concoction.

While surrogates love the joy of pregnancy, when raising their own children, there may be some challenges. And that is where Extraordinary Conceptions’ caring staff and Surrogacy Sisterhood can be an absolute welcome.

Our agency always reminds our surrogates when they need to kick up their feet and relax, do so.

And depending on the age of a surrogate’s own children, this journey is an incredible opportunity to demonstrate what heartfelt giving is all about. Extraordinary Conceptions is honored to guide women in how to explain to their children, especially younger ones, that surrogacy means helping another woman whose tummy cannot carry a baby. As the trimesters pass, a surrogate’s children can take part in this journey and learn the meaning of selfless giving.

The Surrogacy Sisterhood will also have wonderful tips in how to engage your children and spend quality time just with them.

Frequently called, “Fairy Godmothers,” surrogates are miracle workers bringing babies to childless families. Our surrogates are pampered and esteemed, and we are honored to have them as part of our Extraordinary Conceptions’ family.

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