Human Pregnancy Surrogacy bridges a parenthood gap both nationally and internationally. Millions of people battle with infertility, while gay men yearn to become fathers.

March is Surrogacy Awareness Month®. It is a time to recognize how the surrogacy road is frequently traveled, but one paved with a team of compassionate experts.

Naturally, when one thinks of surrogacy, what comes to mind is the intended parent(s), surrogate, and when needed, an egg donor. But, behind the scenes and in the front lines are throngs of dedicated professionals who are part of the surrogacy journey.

Here is a brief glimpse into the amazing people who are there to help make parenthood dreams come true.

Fertility specialists make miracles happen every single day. These doctors and nurses have an unwavering commitment which includes medical screening and testing, assessing a surrogate’s cycle, synchronizing cycles between the surrogate and egg donor, hormonal therapy for both the surrogate and egg donor, egg harvesting, and then ultimately the embryo transfer. The advancements in medical science are jaw dropping, and fertility clinics are able to conduct this extraordinary process with clockwork precision.

Also in the healthcare field, but with a variance, are the psychologists and counselors who provide incredible support. At first, one might wonder why someone in this profession is part of this circle since all parties know their roles. Despite how true that initial intention may be, this type of healthcare professional is critical. Psychologists and counselors specializing in fertility help the intended parents, surrogates, and egg donors and each group presents their own dynamic, which needs to be addressed.

Yes, while the surrogacy journey is filled with excitement and awe, it is an incredibly transformative process which can require ongoing counseling.  With compassion at the helm, this mental healthcare professional will help navigate these special people through the new roles in their lives that they are about to embark on.

Third-party reproductive attorneys who are adept in local, state and international laws are crucial to those wanting to build a family through surrogacy. While they are behind the scenes, they provide comprehensive legal counseling for intended parents, surrogates and egg donors during the contract phase and when finalizing the parentage order.​ Surrogacy laws frequently change and attorneys must be incredibly skilled in this specialized legal arena.

Within this surrogacy puzzle, attorneys are responsible for a large piece in making the process complete in the eyes of the law.

Last, but certainly not least, are the surrogacy agencies. Their work is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its surrogate support specialists and egg donor consultants work tirelessly for as seamless as possible surrogate journey. Carrying a baby is a 24-hour job and a top-tier agency will help ensure that they are on hand whenever a surrogate or egg donor needs them. Above all, their genuine consideration and availability is there for intended parents living around the globe.

With each step, an agency walks alongside the intended parent(s), surrogate, and egg donor.

The phrase that it takes a village to see a surrogacy birth come to fruition holds true. Each person plays an important role in creating that family tree. To learn more about Surrogacy Awareness Month® please visit