EC Welcomes Former Surrogate
The advances in reproductive medicine and technology have afforded men the dream of fatherhood. Indeed, the 21st century has paved a new pathway for men, regardless of their sexual orientation. No man should ever be denied the chance of having their own child.

For gay men, through surrogacy and egg donation, they can genuinely celebrate their own distinct parenting punctuated by the unconditional love they were always meant to give.

At Extraordinary Conceptions, a California surrogacy and egg donor agency, they have had the honor of helping men become fathers. Over the years, these men have shared their heartfelt words.

Dan, an intended father, had an overabundant amount of praise for the agency and Tracy Devany, the Donor Department Manager at Extraordinary Conceptions.

“If you’re reading this blog and haven’t yet signed up with Extraordinary Conceptions, stop reading, pick up the phone and talk to Tracy. I do not work for EC nor do I have any endorsements from them,” Dan said. “After three unsuccessful embryo IVF transfers, my husband and I decided to change directions. We changed doctors, IVF clinics and were seeking a new anonymous ovum donor. Our new IVF doctor referred us to Extraordinary Conceptions and so happy he did!”

Dan goes on to say how when he and his husband logged onto Extraordinary Conceptions’ website, they perused the donor database. The agency has a robust databank of more than 2,000 egg donors and is continually adding new, diverse candidates.

He also noted how the database was user-friendly and the description of each donor was detailed.

“It included important medical information that we wanted to know, as well as a personal overview, opinions, and photos of the donor,” he said, adding how he picked up the phone immediately and called Extraordinary Conceptions.

He said from that very first call he instinctively knew this was where he and his husband would become daddies. Dan was candid in sharing that their first experience with a former agency was neither positive nor enjoyable.

Extraordinary Conceptions really goes out of their way to make a connection with their clients and gives you that personal touch. As the name of their agency suggests, they are truly “EXTRAORDINARY.”

The process began and dreams that Dan and his husband held so closely to their hearts eventually turned into a reality.

“My husband and I are finally daddies,” he said, noting how he kept Tracy and others at the agency in the loop and the communications were always heartfelt.

Dan kept Tracy up to date with the progress of their surrogate, and ultimately, the birth of their baby girl. He shared that he was especially touched to hear that their donor was being informed of their success and, in fact, became their biggest supporter.

Dan said he was incredibly moved by the attention he received when he sent email updates through the whole surrogacy journey. The email exchanges kept him “connected and valued.” He also thought that his emails probably made the Extraordinary Conceptions’ team shed heartfelt tears, as their email responses back to him triggered the same caring reaction.

Tracy wants people to know that when she receives an email, phone call, or message of this nature it truly warms her heart and means the world to her.

“The job I do each and every day overseeing the cycles, creating family and meeting people from all around the world is extremely rewarding,” Tracy said. “I often share these encouraging messages with other intended parents that have struggled for many different reasons to create a family. In doing so, I have found that it gives hope and encouragement to see the full picture of what to expect and to not give up.”

Hope is what dreams are made of, and it’s the surrogates and egg donors who make them come true.

Dan told Tracy and the Extraordinary Conceptions team that when he and his husband cast their first glance at their baby girl their hearts melted.

“We are truly living the dream of being daddies to our princess,” he said.