SAM Lapel ribbon

Awareness ribbons are universal. Over the years, they have emerged as meanings of symbolism and to form a unified alliance among a special cause. Various colors and patterns used spark an immediate recognition for many while raising knowledge and promoting dialogue.

Surrogacy Awareness Month® which launched in March unveiled its new lapel ribbon.

The ribbon is meant to compliment Surrogacy Awareness Month® by reaching out to all with reflection, hope and thanks.

The mission of Surrogacy Awareness Month® is to recognize intended parents, surrogates and egg donors. It’s a time to support intended parents who chose the path of surrogacy. This awareness month benefits everyone by learning how surrogacy can bring hope and promise.

In the same breath, this month-long awareness campaign is a cause for celebration. While giving thanks to surrogates and egg donors, there is a flurry of other dedicated professionals who make the journey possible. With a compassionate heart, the lapel ribbon provides recognition to fertility clinics, fertility counselors and psychologists, lawyers, and surrogate agencies which all took part in giving the love of a baby to a childless individual.

The blue and green hued lapel ribbon has a heart at one tip. This symbol dedicates the “love and compassion” it takes for individuals to embark on the surrogacy road. Likewise, the ribbon represents a time for all communities around the globe, who have been touched by surrogacy, to embrace this celebration of hope for all intended parents.

The pattern of this ribbon reflects surrogacy and the wonderful transformation it brings to so many.

Over time, surrogacy has become a cause that many are passionate about, and this number increases with each passing day. By wearing a Surrogacy Awareness Month® lapel pin, it represents an alternate way to build a family and achieve parenthood dreams.

Surrogacy Awareness Month® is a time for dialogue and to serve as a reminder that it is indeed a realistic and altruistic parental building block.

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