FreeDigitalPhotos by Praisaeng

FreeDigitalPhotos by Praisaeng

When a woman decides to become a surrogate to help fulfill the dreams of parenthood for intended parents, the rewards are incredible.  Be it helping a couple struggling with infertility or being a surrogate for a nontraditional couple, the emotional and compensational benefits are truly immense.

When a woman ultimately chooses to “carry” for intended parents, she next needs to determine whether to be independent or be represented by an agency.

For those who decide to go independent, they must be prepared to do a lot of research and legwork.

Christa Lynch is a third party relations specialist at Extraordinary Conceptions, an international agency which matches surrogates and egg donors to either couples or individuals wanting to build a family.  Prior to working at Extraordinary Conceptions, Lynch was a surrogate three times.  She has experienced both independent and agency representation surrogacy.

While being independent gave her control, Lynch’s focus was on the business end of things.  And with agent representation, things were so much different for her. In fact, they were better.

“I realized I would rather enjoy the process with the intended parents and allow them to have as much access to the experience as possible,” Lynch said.   She continued, “I realized that an agency was more beneficial, at least for me, because I had someone there to mediate and to give me extended support – and that’s why I find Extraordinary Conceptions to be an amazing agency to be affiliated with.”

What Lynch and other surrogates have discovered when partnering with a reputable agency is having “peace of mind.”  They need not bother with business matters, the legalities or scheduling doctor and clinic appointments — it’s all taken care of.  Surrogates immediately realize that a wonderful agency such as Extraordinary Conceptions will give them the attention and care she deserves.

For those interested in learning more about becoming a surrogate and its generous compensation, please visit our contact page or call 760-438-2265 to speak with one of our caring specialists at Extraordinary Conceptions.