Surrogacy In Tabasco Halted

Tabasco turns away foreign couples for surrogacy.

One of the most sought after destinations for commercial surrogacy has tightened their restrictions, stripping foreigners of any hope of building their families in Tabasco, Mexico. Tabasco will now only offer surrogacy to the citizens of Mexico.

Mexico News Daily reported, “Tabasco legislators voted 21-9 to reform the state’s civil code, requiring that a couple using a surrogate mother be Mexican citizens and have medical insurance to cover pregnancy, delivery and postnatal care expenses.”

This official announcement is on the heels of other commercial surrogacy bans in Thailand and India.

What made these destinations popular to foreigners were lower prices; however, the journey for many couples and individuals were wrought with emotional stresses. Many intending parents shared stories about their struggles in bringing their newborns home.

Financial strains also followed when intended parents were stranded in the foreign country where their baby was born, were unable to continue their employment, and paid additional expenses for legal intervention to come home with their child. Surrogacy is supposed to be a wonderful journey filled with memories, but sadly so many of these individuals experienced quite the opposite.

Mexico News Daily went on to say, “And while the myriad surrogacy agencies that surface after searching on Google for ‘Tabasco surrogacy’ promise a smooth ride, that was often not the case. Nearly as many horror stories surface in the same Google search.”

Other complaints this media publication uncovered were unscrupulous business practices and lack of genuine care given to surrogates at these agencies.

Like other countries which have enforced commercial surrogacy bans, now intending parents either at the beginning or in the midst of a surrogacy journey are grappling for answers and guidance.

And intending parents should never have to endure heartache such as this.

While surrogacy in the United States has often been coined as being more costly, particular states such as California are deemed as surrogacy-friendly which means wonderful news for intended parents. The surrogate does not have any parental rights. In addition to parental rights being legally secured for intending parents, the names of the intending parents are also on their newborn’s United States birth certificate. In surrogacy-friendly states, the laws are stable which make way for a more seamless journey and peace of mind.

For intending parents who are in the middle of a surrogacy journey in Tabasco, people around the world are rallying that they can return home with their new baby with ease so they can begin their new lives as a family.