Human Pregnancy

When women decide to become a surrogate, many agree it was a calling they could not ignore nor did they want to. From stay-at-home moms to professionals, all surrogates acquire a distinct commonality: a big heart.

Tish, 30, from Southern California read about surrogacy in a local magazine. The idea stayed with her for a while until she chose it was time to embrace the journey.

While many surrogate mothers have had easy pregnancies with their own children, Tish shared during her former marriage she had a difficult time first trying to conceive.

“I went through a state of depression because I thought I was never going to get pregnant. I even went to the doctor,” she said. “I remember that feeling and I don’t know what I’d do without my children.”

All was fine with Tish. Eventually, she was able to conceive and enjoyed her pregnancies. She now has a 12-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter.

For that moment in time, thinking there was a possibility she may be unable to carry a baby, her empathy overflowed toward others who were afflicted with infertility.

“Being a mother really put meaning into my life. It makes your life feel so blessed,” she said.  Tish continued, “I definitely want to give future parents the chance to have a child that cannot.”

Tish is a surrogate for Extraordinary Conceptions, a leading international surrogate and egg donor agency. As Tish reflects on the reasons why she wanted to become a surrogate, a few percolate in her mind. The primary was to help someone complete their life with a child.

“I also wanted to be able to do something really great with my life,” she said, adding how it could also help her family.

While teaching her own children the “act of compassion,” surrogacy is enabling Tish to reap a highly generous financial compensation. As Tish puts the monies towards her children’s future, she will also be purchasing vehicle.

It’s time for a new car, she shared.

To date, Tish has had a wonderful experience during the surrogacy process. Above all, she knows in her heart she is doing something wonderful.

“It makes me feel really good and I’m glad that I can be such a blessing to someone else,” Tish said.

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