Surrogacy: Motherhood After Breast Cancer

October marks National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink ribbons abound and offer a different meaning for everyone. It may trigger a teary emotion for those who have endured the disease, for family members whose loved ones were diagnosed with breast cancer, and hopefully a reminder to schedule a diagnostic mammogram to promote breast health.

Cancer isn’t a prejudicial disease. It can strike anyone at any age. For some women who are in their earlier or later childbearing years, a lump can be self-discovered or by their healthcare provider.

And hearing the words, “You have breast cancer,” causes an immediate wave of emotions: fear, uncertainty, shock, and denial. Once that wave ebbs into the waters once again, a new ripple of hope emerges.

Once breast cancer has been determined following a biopsy, steps need to be taken to help eradicate the disease. For some women, this may include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Each patient is different and is so is their treatment path.

With the whirlwind of concerns a woman encounters with her diagnosis, she must somehow forge ahead in deciding where she is with childbearing. Has she finished having children or does she have the desire to build a family?

The reasons these questions come to the forefront are because breast cancer treatments may cause infertility. For women who are in the midst of their reproductive years and want children, it’s always recommended that they consult with a fertility specialist. Yes, while a patient is undergoing a flurry of appointments with her breast surgeon, oncologist, radiologist, and perhaps reconstructive surgeon, seeking the guidance from a fertility doctor is highly important.

Chemotherapy may sometimes render a woman infertile after her treatments. Her menstrual cycles may be halted for a few months or more and may return. However, these menstrual cycles may not equate to fertility.

This uncertainty is the reason why women want to seek the advice of a fertility expert.

For those in their reproductive years facing cancer treatments, having their eggs harvested and frozen prior to this may be advisable for a particular group of patients. And it’s also an empowering process and one fueled with hope knowing that motherhood awaits them once treatments are completed and a patient is deemed cancer-free. Having something like this to look forward to is so important while in the grip of treatments.

While some breast cancer survivors are able to become pregnant following treatments, others may not be able to carry. And thanks to compassionate surrogates, they can help these women who have gone through so much finally nuzzle with their newborns.

Women who choose to be a surrogate do so for personal reasons. However, in one way or another, it seems so many people have been touched by breast cancer. When women unite together, they truly are a force to be reckoned with.

While a breast cancer survivor had her circle of support during her surgeries and treatments, a surrogate is there extending her compassionate hand once that chapter is over, waiting to turn the page into the next chapter: motherhood.

Surrogates create miracles every day for intended mothers who have “fought the fight” of breast cancer. They can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that a surrogate will make their dreams come true.

Thank you to all the surrogates who have helped breast cancer survivors become mothers.

For those interested in becoming a surrogate, please visit or call (760) 438-2265. Compensation begins at $40,000.