Surrogacy: Paying It Forward

Surrogacy: Paying It Forward

There is a special circle of women who are incredibly thankful they never had to face the emotional heartache of infertility. Becoming pregnant and carrying their babies was done with ease. When they hear how there are individuals in this world where pregnancy is a struggle, a need to “pay it forward” as a surrogate triggers a natural response.

Surrogate mothers want to perform a good deed by giving back to another. They are the heroes who help people build the family people have always dreamed about.

Thanks to the candidness from celebrities who have either faced infertility or two husbands needing the compassionate assistance of a woman to help carry their baby, people are receiving an outstanding education on the subject.

Surrogacy is considered as one of the most powerful tools against infertility.

With that said, it’s common for women who have had failed pregnancy attempts to go through their own grieving process. And when she is ready, surrogacy can be her own pathway in building her family. While it may not have been the way she had thought to become a parent, motherhood is on the horizon.

Surrogacy breathes new life by giving intended parents the miracle of their baby. With surrogacy, people can put faith in the fact that something wonderful will happen.

While women choose to be a surrogate for their own distinct reasons, they truly never thought it would be so fulfilling.

“I was overwhelmed with joy and felt so much appreciation from my intended parents,” said Lisa, a repeat California surrogate at Extraordinary Conceptions. “Seeing my intended mothers with their babies for the first time was the most overwhelming and rewarding experiences I have ever had.”

And a glimpse of an intended parent holding their baby for the first time is so powerful for a surrogate that she knows she wants to experience the journey once again.

Gestational surrogates, who are already mothers that have children living at home, instinctively go into the process knowing they are carrying a baby for someone else. There is no emotional attachment. For Lisa, as well as other women paying it forward through surrogacy, they perceive the journey as watching over someone else’s baby growing inside them and waiting for the exciting day when this baby would meet their parent(s).

The word “philanthropy” is often heard to describe a person who has been generous to a cause through a monetary donation. But there really should be an appropriate word to describe a woman who decides to take part in the selfless and generous act of surrogacy. These special women are “paying it forward” in a priceless way.