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Welcome to The Surrogate Scoop!

Surrogate Scoop

If you’re new to our Surrogate Scoop, we started this journey as a fun way to interact with real surrogates and ask any questions about surrogacy; from the serious to the silly. It’s also a way to see what happens in the daily lives of EC employees.

One of our veteran surrogates, Tere B. had planned to document her 2nd surrogacy journey, but as life would have it, her 2nd surrogacy did not come to fruition and instead she is now pregnant with her own twins and living in London with her family.

Thankfully, we have 2 other extraordinary veteran surrogates, Breana & Shannon, who have taken the reins to keep answering your questions and providing you with a dose of humor at the same time. We hope you enjoy our Surrogate Scoop and please feel free to stop by and say “Hi”. Both ladies are 2 time surrogates with Extraordinary Conceptions who now work in our Surrogacy Admissions Department. You can also read more about them in our Surrogate Scoop blog.

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Surrogate Scoop Mother and Daughter

Meet Tere B. of the Surrogate Scoop and her “Mini Me”

Tere is a San Diego native who works for Extraordinary Conceptions as a Surrogacy Advocate. She’s happily married with one beautiful daughter, who has been nicknamed her “Mini Me.” (The picture says it all.) When not working hard for the surrogacy department, she enjoys spending time with her family. They like bicycling, hiking and having family movie nights together. She and her daughter also love to do arts & crafts and acting classes at their local community center. She had her first successful surrogacy journey about two years ago and is preparing for her 2nd journey this September, if all goes as planned. We’ve asked her to share about her experience and help answer questions from current and potential surrogate mothers through our new Surrogate Scoop. She’s happy to give candid answers to any of the surrogacy related questions you may have. Real answers from a real surrogate.