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Welcome to The Surrogate Scoop!

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If you’re new to our Surrogate Scoop, we started this journey as a fun way to interact with real surrogates and ask any questions about surrogacy; from the serious to the silly. It’s also a great way to see what happens in the daily lives of EC employees. We have experienced surrogates, IVF nurses, attorneys and more to help answer any question that you may have.

Some of the questions we have been asked are:

“What was the weirdest food craving that you had during your surrogacy?”

“How big did your feet get?!”

“Was your surrogacy pregnancy different from your personal pregnancies?”

Please feel free to stop by and say “Hi” or submit any questions you may have to us at

Make sure you check out our Surrogacy FAQs for some of the most commonly asked questions too!

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