A Surrogate Gives Her Advice

Being a surrogate takes commitment and compassion.

Women who want to become surrogates agree that hearing advice from a former surrogate is excellent. Kristie B. delivered a baby boy for her intending parents in March 2016. She enjoyed the journey so much that she decided to do it again. Her next due date is on March 6, 2018.

With this kind of experience, Kristie has some great advice to share with other women.


Surrogacy: The Love Of Being Pregnant

As far as Kristie is concerned, being pregnant with one’s own child is different than being a surrogate. There is a different type of commitment.

“You are at the mercy of doctors and intended parents,” she said. “I’ve been on some sort of bedrest with both of my surrogacy journeys, and although I feel like I am fine and can do normal activities, I have to listen to the doctor’s orders.”

While sometimes this is not easy, it’s incredibly worth it.

“The surrogacy journey itself changes you for the better,” Kristie said.


Surrogacy: The Injection Series

While it’s important to find the best surrogacy agency to partner with, Kristie also points out how a woman needs to prepare herself for the injections. For ten weeks, a potential gestational carrier must use a progesterone medication.

Each woman may have a different experience with the injections.

“The ten weeks of injections are no joke,” Kristie said. “For me, I developed golf ball sized bumps that itched and burned. It turns out that I developed an allergic reaction to the progesterone oil.”

On this current journey, Kristie decided to do something different after the progesterone oil injections. She wanted to see if there was an improvement. And there was.

“This time around, I rubbed the spot and sat on a heated pad for two hours following the injection. It was a miracle because I didn’t have any itching or any swelling,” she said, adding how the embryo stuck and there was a pregnancy.


Surrogacy: The Irritability Factor

Kristie also wants to prepare women about another possible downside to the injections. And that downside is mood swings that she described as something that even shocked her.

“I had to apologize to my kids and husband multiple times and realized through my counselor, which Extraordinary Conceptions provides, that it is a normal side effect of the medications,” she said. “For my second journey, I was more aware of the mood swings and would certainly bite my tongue or walk out of the room before I would blow up at anyone.”

Kristie also learned to clean her home when no one else was around.

“It was a lot easier this way on all of us. Because with the family around, I would often catch myself saying, ‘Who put this gum on the table?’” she said, laughing. “So, my advice is to clean up the house when no one is there.”


The Surrogacy Bond

Kristie describes the relationships she has built with her intending parents as special. They are both amazing friendships that will last a lifetime.

For the baby she delivered in March 2016, she stays in touch with her former intending parents on a regular basis. She’s also doing the same things with this surrogacy as she did with the last one.

“I keep my intending parents posted on how I am doing every week and send them baby bump pictures so they can feel like they are a part of this pregnancy journey,” she said, noting how they do not see each other since they live out of the area. “I really love the friendship and sisterhood we have created through this wonderful family journey.”