Our surrogate qualifications guide will help you navigate the US experience. Learn all you need to know about qualifications to be a surrogate in 2022 from experts who care.

What to Know About Surrogate Mother Qualifications in the USA: 2022

While being a surrogate is a rich and rewarding experience, it’s also a massive responsibility. That’s why, in order to protect everyone involved, specific surrogate mother qualifications and regulations are in place.

When researching surrogate mother qualifications, be sure that your sources are recent:  legislation surrounding surrogacy can change! That’s why we suggest working with a dedicated surrogacy agency like Extraordinary Conceptions for every step of your surrogacy journey. We can provide live, personalized help while you navigate your application process, and our website only contains the latest information surrounding surrogate mother qualifications and legislation.

What Qualifies You to Be a Surrogate Mother?

There are quite a few hard and fast surrogate qualifications that exist across every US state to support the procedure legally. However, depending on your state and your agency, additional rules and regulations surrounding qualifications to be a surrogate may apply.

Surrogate Mother Qualifications 2022

In the USA, all eligible surrogate mothers must:

  • Be between the ages of 21-45
  • Have a BMI below 36
  • Have previously given birth before and currently live with her child(ren)
  • Have given birth less than 8 times, with no more than 5 C-sections
  • Not smoke, drink excessively, or use any recreational drugs
  • Be financially stable and not be receiving any government welfare or section 8/HUD
  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Have reliable transportation
  • Be in good mental health with no history of BPD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or depression
  • Have a clean record with no previous felonies. This is also true for her spouse or any other adults living in her home.
  • Not be taking any medication which could be unsafe for pregnancy. Specifics can be discussed with a doctor.

If you tick all of these boxes, then you likely meet all of the qualifications to be a surrogate. However, there are still a few steps to take before you match with a potential family (known as Intended Parents in the surrogacy world.) It’s time to submit an application for the surrogate US process with Extraordinary Conceptions. Our team will check that you pre-qualify before arranging a phone interview with you.

Your phone interview is a great opportunity to ask all the questions you have about being a surrogate mother, qualifications, and the entire process. If everything feels like a good fit, then it’s official: you’re qualified to be a surrogate! Time for your profile to go live and match with Intended Parents!

Common Misconceptions About American Surrogate Qualifications

It’s a common misconception that American surrogate mother qualifications are 100% set in stone. While many of the rules are pretty concrete, several others are actually flexible depending on the unique circumstances of the potential surrogate.

These more flexible surrogate US qualifications include:

  • Age
    Many people think that once you’ve turned 39, your chances of becoming a surrogate are zero. That’s a misconception! While there are certainly restrictions surrounding the legal age range for surrogates, there is more wiggle room than you may think. At Extraordinary Contributions, certain cases (like someone with previous experience) allow for our surrogates to be up to 45 years old.
  • Weight/BMI
    Yes, there are weight restrictions for potential surrogates. Much like with age, there is a lot of flexibility surrounding this qualification. Firstly, this is not a permanent restriction—if a hopeful surrogate is over or under the required BMI, she will be eligible once she is within the legal range. Secondly, some agencies, including Extraordinary Conceptions, have a special program for surrogates with BMIs over the required range, up to 36.
  • Previous Birth Experience
    While many agencies don’t allow surrogates who have given birth to over 6 babies, or had over 3 C-sections, that isn’t the case at Extraordinary Conceptions. With the right surrogate, we work with IVF clinics that accept those who have given birth up to 8 times and have had 5 C-sections.

  • Medication
    While some medications will disqualify potential surrogates regardless of current prescription status, that isn’t the case with all of them. With some medications, a surrogate can still be eligible if she has the ability to safely wean herself.

Do You Meet the Qualifications to be a Surrogate?

If you meet the qualifications to be a surrogate, get in touch with our team today by calling (760) 438-2265 or filling out our online application. We’ll be able to offer personalized guidance as you navigate this exciting journey and time.