Surrogate Referral Gift: $1,250

Extraordinary Conceptions raised its surrogate referral program to a $1,250 Visa Gift Card in February.

A popular saying, “It takes a village to raise a child,” still has a powerful meaning in our culture. However, for those who are unable to have a child traditionally, including those experiencing the heartache of infertility, there is another intonation that is emerging: “Surrogacy: it takes commitment and dedication to have a child.”

Each piece to a surrogacy puzzle involves an important individual to help make parenthood dreams come true. From the surrogates, fertility specialists, egg donors, third-party reproductive attorneys, to a compassionate surrogacy agency navigating intending parents toward parenthood, every single person plays a valuable role.

However, there is one group of individuals who may receive recognition, but not spotlight attention. In many respects they could be considered the unsung heroes. These are the special people who refer surrogates. Without them, there would be numerous intending parents still waiting for their surrogate to carry their baby.

“Top shelf surrogacy agencies offer a surrogate referral fee to those who take the time to try and make a difference to those whose only chance to build a family is through surrogacy,” said Mario Caballero, chief executive officer of Extraordinary Conceptions. “We continually recognize the special people who refer surrogates to us because with their help, intending parents can finally complete their families.”

Extraordinary Conceptions works hard to make the dreams of intending parents come true. And in the month of February, they want to extend their heartfelt thanks to those that refer surrogates to them.

“In February 2016, we have raised our surrogate referral amount from $1,000 to $1,250 Visa Gift Card. All one needs to do is refer a qualified surrogate applicant to us,” Caballero said. “Up until Valentine’s Day, new surrogates that apply are receiving a signing bonus of $2,016. And this is in addition to receiving a compensation package starting at $40,000.”

Caballero went on to say that it’s important to remind the applicant that they put the name of their referral on the registration form.

“And once the surrogate has passed all her screenings and legal contracts are signed, your Visa Gift Card will be mailed off,” he said.

While this referral fee is attracting much attention for those who are recommending a surrogate candidate, make no mistake about it that they are indeed playing a special role in the miracle of surrogacy.

For those who know of a special woman that would make an extraordinary surrogate, don’t hesitate to refer them to to start the process.