A Surrogate Shares Her Journey

A surrogate’s story can be inspirational.

Every woman who has been a surrogate has a story to share. Above all, it’s a memorable one. For women thinking about becoming surrogates, stories like these can be inspirational.


In The Headlines: A Surrogate Mother Experience

A recent edition of the UK Huffington Post printed a piece about a Great Britain woman’s surrogacy. The writer of the piece, Sarah Taylor Jones, was the surrogate which made the article so much more engaging.

Her blog title said it all: Becoming A Surrogate Was Better Than I Ever Imagined.

“I came to surrogacy because as a parent I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t have been able to call myself a mother. It was the absolute love I felt for my daughter every night when she would wrap herself up in my arms to fall to sleep,” she wrote. “I would think about how others felt who couldn’t experience this. My heart would break, and I would cry for all those who were sat empty armed, longing for something that I had been given so easily.”

Like so many other surrogates, when Taylor Jones began her research, she finally came to realize she wasn’t alone in how she felt. There were so many women like her who shared the same belief.

“It was a revelation – I wasn’t a weird person for wanting to do this after all! These ladies became my sisters, my surro-sisters, who could understand my every thought without question. I was home,” she wrote.

Taylor Jones admitted when she delivered her intended parents baby girl, Georgina, she knew she was going to be a surrogate again. Many women agree that after the delivery, something incredible happens.

They want to have one more journey after they see their intended parents hold their baby for the first time.

“How many times can you say you’ve changed someone’s life forever? I was on cloud nine, as were they – we were all achieving our dreams – theirs of being mummy and daddy, and mine of being a surrogate,” Taylor Jones wrote.

Taylor Jones gave birth to four surrogate babies within a 15-year timespan. It’s what she calls her surrogacy family.


A Common Question Surrogates Hear

Just ask a surrogate, and she’ll tell you that her journey was an educational one. And not just for her but for the people around her.

When they found out she was carrying someone else’s baby, there were questions.

Women should know ahead of time that some questions may be shocking. But remember, it’s an opportunity to educate people about surrogacy, and knowledge is power.

Amanda, a two-time surrogate for a California surrogacy agency, was asked one of the most common questions. People wanted to know how she could give up her baby. Amanda was quick to say that it was never her baby.

She was a glorified babysitter, and it was a tremendous responsibility. The parents of this child waited so long to hold them.

“There is such a beauty between life and science,” Amanda said. “With surrogacy, if there is a will, there’s a way. Just believe in yourself, and anything can happen.”


Looking Back At The Surrogacy Journey

When former surrogates look back to the lives they changed, it’s an incredible feeling. Without their help, those future parents would not have a child.

“…I feel so happy that I managed to achieve my dream of being a surrogate,” Taylor Jones wrote. “It exceeded every expectation I had; I’m truly very lucky.”