/Surrogate specialist featured in U-T San Diego

Surrogate specialist featured in U-T San Diego

Surrogate Specialist, Christa Lynch

Surrogate Specialist, Christa Lynch

Our very own Surrogate Support Specialist, Christa Lynch, was recently featured in the U-T San Diego. Christa gave its reporter, Nina Garin, along with its U-T readers a closer look into surrogacy. Lynch, a former three-time surrogate truly is an educator, mentor, and a beacon of hope for childless couples wanting to become future parents.

What a wonderful story just days before the New Year to spark to the dream of parenthood.

We invite you to read this special U-T series, One-On-One, at the below link: http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2014/dec/26/christa-lynch-surrogacy/