Surrogates and egg donors make Father’s Day possible

How some men can experience the love of a child through surrogacy.

When people think of surrogates and egg donors, the first image that may pop into their minds may be a woman who has battled infertility and needs the help of these particular women. While this may be true, there’s another group who require surrogates and egg donors just as much: Intending Fathers.

And it’s because of surrogates and egg donors that many men are spending Father’s Day with their children.

Surrogacy and egg donation is a personal decision, and people know when the time is right for this type of commitment.

The men who may begin to research an egg donor and/or surrogate to build their families may include the following:

  • Men in a committed relationship with women and experiencing infertility
  • Single men wanting to become fathers
  • A gay man or gay male couples wanting to become parents

It’s estimated that more than 200,000 new cases of infertility are reported in the United States every year. While some fertility treatments are successful, other individuals and couples may find that their attempts are not and realize that surrogacy may be the option they need.

“I love meeting the women who decide to become surrogates as it brings me back to when we were looking for someone to help us have children,” said Mario Caballero, CEO of Extraordinary Conceptions. “I had no idea how strong a child’s love would be until my daughter at two years old told me she loved me. That moment changed me forever and I knew right then and there that everyone deserved the love of a child.”

While heterosexual couples are turning to egg donation and surrogacy to fight their infertility, the demand for surrogacy is growing stronger among heterosexual single men. The idea of finding a woman to begin building a family is becoming less of an issue in this decision-making process. Whatever the commentary, one can be sure that family attitudes are changing.

It appears that while this may be a generational thing among millennials, the men who do pursue surrogacy have put a lot of consideration into it.

“Guys can feel their ‘biological clock’ start to tick, too. And men who find themselves ready to start a family but don’t have a partner are starting to turn to surrogacy to become dads,” writes Elena Donovan Mauer of

In her article, she interviewed a physician by the name of Matt Morgan, who hails from Texas, and was 41 at the time. A father of two children, he sought the help of two different surrogates who carried his son and daughter. There was a 14-month age difference between the children.

Morgan dated, but the women he met were focused on their career path – not marriage and having a family. As he neared forty, Morgan began considering surrogacy as his family building option.

“I’ve never been a high energy person,” Morgan shared in the interview. “Energy declines with age. You need energy to take proper care of children. It was a rational consideration that I made. I felt I just couldn’t keep waiting.”

Morgan is one of many men who has decided to empower themselves to become fathers through surrogacy.

In the LGBT community, some gay men are celebrating Father’s Day with children they had while in a heterosexual relationship. However, other gay men, be it single or a couple, are spending the day with their children who were adopted or born through surrogacy.

It’s hard to believe that it was not that long ago when gay men didn’t have many choices when it came to building their families. In the 1990’s, options like adoption were rarely a topic of discussion let alone the idea of surrogacy or egg donation.

According to a study by the Williams Institute at UCLA Law School Study in 2013, based on the 2010 Consensus, almost 11 percent of same-sex male couples were raising children together. Some anticipate that this percentage will increase.

Times have changed, and a progressive mindset is taking the lead to eliminate discrimination so that men despite their relationship status or sexual orientation can experience their child’s love on Father’s Day.