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Women who become surrogates give families another option of having children when they are unable to have babies due to infertility. These exceptional women also step forward helping gay couples who want to become fathers.

Some women have such a strong calling to surrogacy they actually repeat this act of kindness more than once. Yes, they are “repeat surrogates.”

Surrogates are often called “selfless angels” who enable people to fulfill their dreams of parenthood. These women adore their own children so much they want to give someone that same incredible feeling of love and being loved by a child.

Surrogates are a unique core of women who are filled with dedication and compassion.

There is one special lady that Extraordinary Conceptions has the honor to know and her name is Christa. She has been a surrogate mother on three occasions.

I’ve been on three amazing journeys as a surrogate mother.  I have a six-year-old ‘Surro Babe’ who lives with his family in Japan; and, this international arrangement was probably one of the most life changing things I’ve ever been a part of,” said Christa, smiling.

Her two other surrogacy experiences were a repeat, otherwise known as a “sibling project” for the same family located in California.  The first was a little girl, who is now four-years-old. Almost two years later, boy/girl twin siblings were delivered.

Christa was drawn to complete this family.

“Carrying for the same couple twice was absolutely amazing. I mean, when they brought the twins’ home, they suddenly had three babies under the age of two,” she said.

On her surrogacy journey, Christa delivered beautiful babies in 2008, 2010, and then the twins in 2012.

In addition to Christa’s own two children, she has delivered four babies via surrogacy.

Many wonder why Christa decided to be a repeat surrogate.  For her, it was the natural thing to do.

“I think I had no idea the degree it was going to impact me and touch my family as much as it did,” she said. Christa continued, “I always say that you’re doing something amazing for other people but we received an unexpected gift in return.”

Christa went on to say while she has been given ample praise for what she has done over the years as a repeat surrogate, the internal rewards run deeper than the verbal admiration.

“I think it’s ingrained in me to share a lot of that glory,” she said, noting how she was willing to give outside of herself.

Much of the credit Christa gives to is her family.  Her family took a unique and special part in the process and supported her every step of the way.

Part of the journey that was in her families’ hands, she said, were the shots.  Christa’s husband was assigned the bittersweet task of giving her the required injections.

“My husband had to administer every shot, so I was extra nice to him in the evenings, because after dinner, it was time to get my shots,” said Christa, laughing. “None of the ‘Surro-Babies’ would be here if he didn’t give me that injection every day.”

Christa is candid about the surrogacy road.  There are wonderful days, and some days, may be a little rough, especially if there are tender injection sites or morning sickness for the first few months to contend with.

“It’s really a family journey,” she said.

Christa has officially retired from being a surrogate, but has the amazing memories of it which have left an indelible imprint.

“If I could, I would carry for the world,” she quipped.

Although Christa has retired, she still remains part of the surrogacy world. Extraordinary Conceptions, an international egg donor and surrogacy agency, is proud to have Christa as their Director of its Admissions Department and Surrogate Support Specialist, working directly with their surrogates. Her knowledge, unwavering dedication to women, and her love of surrogacy make her a true gem.

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