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The reasons someone seeks a surrogate as an option for building a family is indeed a personal decision. While heterosexual couples have taken part in this journey, gay husbands have paved the way for men to become fathers, as well.

Countless surrogates have helped gay men, either single or married, finally have the family they always dreamed of embracing. A powerful organization dedicated to helping gay men become fathers is the notable MenHavingBabies.org. Their advocacy, assistance, programs, and passion to help gay men become dads is unwavering.

In fact, Extraordinary Conceptions is honored to be a gold sponsor and will be on hand at their annual conference taking place in Brussels from May 2 to 3, 2015. Extraordinary Conceptions has helped gay men all over the globe become fathers through surrogacy for a decade. It has brought Extraordinary Conceptions pure joy to see the happiness of these newly planted family trees.

It’s thrilling to know that MenHavingBabies.org is championing such a comprehensive conference for gay men living in Europe who want nothing more than to be fathers. Their educational reception will help everyone understand surrogacy, the legal aspects and where surrogacy is legal. Their dedication in helping gay men become dads is utterly contagious and Extraordinary Conceptions is proud to be part of this mission.

While surrogates are devoted to helping gay men, a recent clip on “The Today Show” reported how heterosexual bachelors are turning to surrogates for help. They interviewed Dr. Conrad Cean in where he explained when he was approaching 40 years of age, his own “biological clock” was ticking and he wasn’t in a committed relationship to start a traditional family.

He turned to surrogacy. Apparently, this is becoming more popular when single men realize that this is a viable option for fatherhood. The Today Show reported by its contributor, SusanDonaldson James, that Cean, now 43, who is a pain specialist based in New York City is now the proud dad of 18 month year old twins.

Cean told Today, “I grew up in a very close family with two sisters, parents in Queens and cousins. We’ve always been a tight family and I always wanted children.”

He also expressed that he thought he would have been married by his mid-thirties but juggling a hectic work schedule was a hindrance.

Many men in this same position are arriving at the conclusion that they don’t have to be denied the right of a child just because they haven’t found the right woman to marry.

Dr. Philip Werthman, director for the Center for Male Reproductive Medicine and Vasectomy Reversal in Los Angeles told the Today Show, “Although no one keeps track, plenty of bachelors are intentionally having babies, though perhaps not in the millions.” He continued, “The desire to be a parent is similar, whether you are gay, straight, in a relationship or not. For these men, they are getting older, they have the resources and the love to give and they want to go ahead. Technology gives them the ability to have children outside traditional means.”

Every day, surrogacy brings hope to those wanting a baby of their very own.

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