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Throughout the nation and spanning across international waters, there are an increasing number of gay couples who want a family to call their own. While same-sex couples are chiming in on their parental wishes, particularly, gay men are climbing to the top of the list in regard to surrogacy.

The LGBT community continues to be active in “Gay Parenting Assistance Programs,” among other coalitions to help promote gay future dads.

Their need to become daddies and to love a baby is incredibly powerful.

Surrogates, a remarkable group of giving and compassionate women, believe everyone has the right to love a child. And many of these ladies are hearing the pleas of gay couples, including those that are married or have had civil unions, who are yearning to be fathers.

Like any other traditional couple, the LGBT community is afforded the same biologically related opportunities and advances in reproductive technology.

Same-sex couples have come to learn that leaning on the guidance of a reputable agency, such as Extraordinary Conceptions, is an excellent pathway towards parenthood.  Likewise, women wanting to pursue surrogacy to help a loving couple achieve intended parent dreams are realizing the multiple benefits of being partnered with a highly regarded agency.

Both gay couples and their surrogate mothers are embarking on a truly incredible family building journey.  On countless levels, surrogate mothers who are often coined, “real life miracle workers,” are fulfilling the need of aspiring parents.

Many same-sex couples describe the surrogacy process as purely magical.  Because of these special women, gay men are able to become daddies; and, their biological yearning can be attained.

Both in the United States and abroad, the demand and appreciation for surrogates to fulfill these wishes of biological parenthood is increasing with never-ending gratitude.

Through surrogacy, a gay couple’s home can now be filled with the love, kisses and hugs of their own child.

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