Surrogates Relying On One Another

The best way to learn about surrogacy is to speak with former surrogates.

When a woman decides that she wants to become a surrogate, more times than not, it’s something that she has thought about for quite some time. And for others, they hear a story of a couple battling infertility or a same-sex couple yearning to be fathers that emotionally draws these compassionate women in. Despite the reason, intending parents all over the world cannot express adequately the heartfelt thanks of their former, current and future surrogates.

Without them, so many individuals and couples would still remain childless.

There is a special window of opportunity for women who want to become surrogates. For example, they finished having their own families and are now ready to serve others in need. With this desire to be of service, there are a multitude of questions that these women have.

One natural first step is to speak to former surrogates who have traveled this incredible road. Their wealth of knowledge is priceless and the support that they can provide is exceptional. A woman may begin to wonder, however, how she can find a woman who has been a surrogate.

An outstanding way to locate these women is to find them working at a leading surrogacy agency. Top agencies may hire one or more of their surrogates because their adeptness and empathy in the industry is incomparable. Generally, they work as team members of the surrogacy admissions team and conduct a complimentary surrogate personal prescreening consult. This special meeting is a candidate’s time to ask an array of questions and have them answered by a woman who has taken part in the surrogacy journey.

These team members understand full-heartedly all these questions because they too had the very same questions. When a candidate has a special connection with former surrogates that work at an agency this is an exceptional feeling.

One surrogate spoke of her experiences with Extraordinary Conceptions, a California surrogacy agency that helps intending parents globally.

“Simply extraordinary, which would seem a bit cliché to say, is exactly how this process and our relationship with Extraordinary Conceptions has been. Comfort in every step, confidence in every single decision, and undeniable positive reinforcement in our choice to make this impact in someone else’s life is what we have been given thus far,” said Rochelle. “For that, we are truly, truly grateful. For that, there is no replacement.”

While surrogates know the experience in helping someone will be amazing, they realize the impact they have made to someone’s life when they see their intending parents hold their newborn. This indelible imprint is all a woman needs to consider the surrogacy journey one more time.

And for that, intending parents around the world are grateful.