FreeDigitalPhotos by Praisaeng

FreeDigitalPhotos by Praisaeng

Surrogates give future parents the gift of wonder, hope, and memories. Through their selfless act of carrying a baby for someone unable to do so, they are providing the joy of parenthood each and every day.

While surrogates offer their overflowing compassion, they are doing something else quite insightful. They are educating others on surrogacy, including their very own children. As many might already know, women must have their own children before embarking on the surrogacy pathway. Once these special women have completed their own family, many then focus on helping others fulfill their dreams of parenthood.

Countless individuals agree that through surrogacy, mothers teach their very own children the purest act of kindness.

For a young child, yet old enough to understand their mother is pregnant, surrogates tell them how they are helping another “mommy” who cannot carry a baby in her own body.

“I explained to my daughter who was four-years-old at the time that this baby did not belong to mommy and daddy,” said Theresa, a former surrogate with Extraordinary Conceptions, a leading surrogate and egg donor agency in southern California. She continued, “I told her we did not make the baby but we were helping someone else grow their baby.”

During the course of the pregnancy, people noticed Theresa was pregnant.

Her daughter was so perceptive and communicative that whenever asked by teachers if she was going to have a brother or sister, this child explained the surrogacy process. Such a message coming from a young girl was invariably punctuated by pure inspiration.

For older children who are more intellectually sophisticated, their mothers may explain the process more in detail; and, they indeed learn what it means to be of service to others in need. As we know, children of all ages learn by example. A son or daughter witnessing the selfless act of surrogacy by their mother learns one of life’s most important lessons: humanity.

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