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EC sponsors AAAA Midyear Meeting in September

EC continues its education in the field of reproductive law at the AAAA Midyear Conference in September 2017. Extraordinary Conceptions, a [...]

Surrogacy: Worth waiting for

A new year is upon us which means new possibilities like surrogacy. While the holidays have officially come to a close, [...]

Helping others in 2017

Women who want to begin 2017 with the promise to help others may choose to become a surrogate or egg donor. [...]

EC Announces Its New Year Surrogate Signing Bonus

New surrogates are eligible to receive a $2,017 bonus boost in January. As the holidays come to a close, it’s a [...]

2016: A Year in Review

EC's Teddy Bear mascot, HOPE, provides comfort during a surrogacy journey. Driven by a commitment to strive for the very best, [...]

Intended Parents: A Holiday Wish

Surrogates help make holiday wishes comes true. The holiday season is upon us. Families will be joining together and building memories. [...]

A Huge Thanks To Our Surrogate Applicants

EC's December $2,017 New Surrogate Signing Bonus attracts compassionate attention. The spirit of Christmas is abundant at Extraordinary Conceptions this month, [...]

We’d like to introduce you to HOPE

HOPE provides comfort during a surrogacy journey. Meet our newest team member, HOPE. We wanted to thank all of you who [...]

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