Tere explains her surrogate advocate role

Tere B. is the host of Surrogate Scoop and a surrogate advocate.

When a woman decides that she wants to become a surrogate, they naturally want to hear from a woman who has been through the journey before. At Extraordinary Conceptions that special someone is Tere B., who has been a former surrogate with Extraordinary Conceptions, a surrogate advocate at the agency, the host of Surrogate Scoop, and preparing for her repeat surrogacy journey in the fall.

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 What does Tere do at Extraordinary Conceptions?

“I am a surrogate advocate and do support — so I do a little bit of both.  After women pass the admissions process, I send them an email introducing myself, letting them know that they can contact me for anything during the process. If their coordinator can’t answer them right away, they can reach out to me, and I will make sure that I answer their questions or address any issues that they have. I help sort things out.”

“I also send out little gifts, like their transfer gifts. We even send our surrogates a gift after they’re 20-weeks pregnant and then once they deliver, I write a personalized note for them, too.”

Do surrogates keep in touch with you after they deliver?

“I always keep track of our surrogates. And sometimes after they deliver, they actually contact me to let me know how everything went which is great. And sometimes they just tell me right away, ‘Oh, I want to be a surrogate again and how do I do it?’”

“So, I help them out, and I get them connected with the admission girls so that they can go over the process all over again.”

Why do you think women want to be surrogates?

“A lot of the girls say that they think it’s an amazing thing — that they want to help somebody — that’s what I hear most of the time. They tell me that they want to be able to help someone become a parent because being a parent brings so much joy and honestly, it’s really nice.” 

Does being a surrogate mean I’d have to use my own eggs?

“We do gestational surrogacy at our agency and that means a surrogate’s genetics are not going to be used. When a woman asks me this question, I explain to them how an egg donor or the intended mother’s eggs are used. After a whole process, the embryos are created and then they do the transfer.”

What’s an important skill for a surrogate to have?

For sure, communications skills are really important to have and it’s the number one thing, really. When a surrogate does not communicate with us or doesn’t respond to an email for, let’s say, a form we need them to sign or fill out, it can really delay things. And this even includes hospitals needing paperwork on time before the baby is born. So, yes, communication is totally important.

If a woman decides to be a surrogate more than once at Extraordinary Conceptions, does she always have a surrogate advocate?

“Yes. They’ll still have me through their whole journey.”