Tere shares her first surrogacy journey

As Tere shares her first surrogacy she prepares for a repeat journey.

For those who are considering surrogacy at some point in their life, it’s so helpful to know someone who has been through this special journey before. Extraordinary Conceptions is delighted to introduce Tere B., our surrogate advocate and hostess of Surrogate Scoop. Tere is a former surrogate at Extraordinary Conceptions and is preparing for a repeat surrogacy in the fall.

Enjoy Tere’s Q&A about her first surrogacy journey. And for those who have any follow-up questions, be sure to reach out to her at Surrogate Scoop on Facebook Live.

When did you personally decide to become a surrogate for Extraordinary Conceptions?

“Well, I learned about surrogacy way before I had kids because I worked at a lab where they did diagnostic, DNA, and PGS testing. I then had my daughter and when she turned six-months-old, I started looking into surrogacy.”

Was there a special agency you had in mind that you wanted to team up with?

“Well, when I started doing my research, the first agency that popped up was Extraordinary Conceptions. And I’m so glad that it did. I logged onto their website and double-checked that my genetics would not be used in the surrogacy. Once I confirmed that, I applied to become a surrogate.”

When did you become a surrogate and give birth?

“I gave birth to my intended parents’ son in May of 2015. It was a really good pregnancy aside from the nausea. But by the time I was four months pregnant, I was fine and that passed. I actually liked the journey — it was easy.  It was really smooth, and I didn’t have any problems or complications. It was just really good.”

Some surrogates have their own rituals when they are carrying. Did you do anything special?

“I actually sort of did. When I was about seven months pregnant I would talk to the baby because that’s when they can start to hear you. I would say things like ‘You’re going to have a great family, and you’re so very loved. Your parents really love you, and they’ve been wanting you for a long time.’”

While you were pregnant, do you think you inspired any women you met to become a surrogate?

“Yes! Actually, three of my friends applied to become surrogates. One of them is 24-weeks pregnant. My other friends are having their transfers soon.”

And is it true you are going to become repeat surrogate?

“Yes, I’m in the process.  And the transfer should be happening any time now. I’m a bit nervous, but it’s so exciting!”