FreeDigitalPhotos by Adamr

FreeDigitalPhotos by Adamr

Oftentimes, couples facing fertility problems or the LGBT parenting community wanting to start a family call surrogate mothers “real life miracle workers.”  And it’s true.

While the compensation of being a surrogate mother is substantial, for many women, the emotional and personal rewards are immeasurable.

Quite frankly, the contribution a surrogate makes to future parents is awe-inspiring.

When women decide to become a surrogate, the experience may be so rewarding, they decide to be of service again since it was amazing.

“To be a surrogate has been equal if not more impactful because I have been able to show my family and children love and service in action,” said 3-time surrogate Christa Lynch, who currently works as a third party relations specialist at Extraordinary Conceptions, an international agency which matches surrogates and egg donors to either couples or individuals wanting to build a family.  “I have been able to show people compassion and help them reach their goals.”

At highly regarded agencies like Extraordinary Conceptions, there are some requirements to become a surrogate.

For example, potential surrogates range in age from 21 to 40.  Also part of this considerate protocol is that before becoming a surrogate, women already have their own children.

While being a surrogate mother provides a woman with so many incredible rewards and never ending gratitude, there are frequently asked questions which need to be answered about the process.  And leaning on a reputable agency is the perfect starting point.

Helping a family, who are unable to conceive, truly fulfills the dreams of loving a child one day.

For those interested in learning more about becoming a surrogate, please visit our contact page or call 760-438-2265 to speak with one of our caring specialists at Extraordinary Conceptions.