Human Pregnancy

The decision to become a surrogate mother is one which naturally pulls on heartstrings. While some women admit they have always had the desire to help a couple one day have a baby, others learn of the surrogacy journey by other means.

A group of these women may reach this pivotal moment when they know of a friend who has stepped forward to help carry for a person who is unable. Another scenario may be upon meeting a pregnant woman who conveys her current surrogacy story.

And of course, there are additional ways.

“After I had been married for a few years and started my own family and loving my life, I remembered a television show I watched when I was in high school years before,” said Linda, a surrogate for Extraordinary Conceptions, a leading surrogate and egg donor agency based in southern California. She continued, “I thought how sad I would be if I was unable to have kids and I thought, ‘Yes, I’d really like to help a couple start a family.’”

Surrogate mothers are incredibly empathetic, and like Linda, many learned about surrogacy through a variety of ways which stirred an inner sensitivity. At that point, they yearned to learn more.

In this era, countless ladies turn to the Internet in hopes of locating more information. However, those searches can be rife with advertisements and articles which may not have the pertinent answers a woman is seeking.

Another issue may be vague state laws. Future surrogates need an array of support from the beginning of her journey right to the very end. Locating the right agency is of the utmost importance; and, no woman should feel pressured into any contract signing in her early stages of the surrogacy learning curve.

The act of surrogacy is rooted from kindness and an agency should mirror that same characteristic.

Surrogates agree that the best advice is to explore surrogacy and interview potential agencies. Listen to those internal intellectual instincts while speaking to an agency in good standing. Let this be an opportunity to ask candid questions and learn every facet of the surrogate journey.

In the end, the right agency will emerge not only with immense thoughtful knowledge, but they may also have former surrogates on their administrative team which will make the road a smoother one to travel.

For compassionate women wanting to learn more about surrogacy, please visit our contact page or call 760-438-2265 to speak with one of our caring specialists at Extraordinary Conceptions.