EC Welcomes Former Surrogate

At Extraordinary Conceptions, we have perfected the egg donor and surrogacy journey for same-sex couples. Our international agency is considered the most premiere in the world, having helped numerous gay couples build their families.

A house is made of wood, cement and stone but what transforms it into a home is having the love of a child. For numerous years, Extraordinary Conceptions and its kindhearted professional team have turned houses in loving homes.

Each LGBT parent service offers its own unique family building journey.

For gay men, they ultimately make the decision as to who will be the sperm donor. In some instances, they both are and each may fertilize half of the eggs retrieved.

This, of course, leads us to egg donation.

Extraordinary Conceptions has more than 2,400 egg donors in its database. It’s considered the largest and most elite of its kind. On a weekly basis, more donors are added into the databank making it more diverse for future parents.

All egg donors are medically screened giving future parents peace of mind.

Parallel to this, the couple will have already chosen a surrogate to carry their baby. Our cherished surrogates at Extraordinary Conceptions live around the country, affording intended parents flexibility on what location they prefer.

Gay women may also need the helping hand of Extraordinary Conceptions for both egg donation and surrogacy. Some instances of these infertility scenarios may be the following:

  • Both partners are unable to carry a baby
  • Both partners may have premature ovarian failure or a low reserve
  • Both partners may have low quality eggs

And more….

There is a distinct misconception that gay surrogacy is only for males, but there are instances where women may need a compassionate surrogate to help them achieve motherhood, too. Some ladies might require only ovum donation while another, a surrogate.

Each person and situation is different, and Extraordinary Conceptions embraces these nuances, bridging the gap toward parenthood. Through egg donation and surrogacy, a child will indisputably bring unconditional joy and pride.

To learn more about Extraordinary Conceptions, please call 760-438-2265. Please visit its database of egg donors and surrogates at