While having a baby may be easy for some families, others are not that fortunate. It’s estimated that one out of eight couples will be unable to conceive or carry a baby to full term.

These sobering statistics underscore why surrogates are needed more now than ever.

One who is unfamiliar with infertility may ask, “What is the root cause?” This simple question does not have an easy answer.

It’s a complicated disease, with an array of reasons at the very core.

For a woman, the issues may be uterine related or a dysfunction with her reproductive system.

And then there is illness.

Women may live a healthy lifestyle every day, yet have an underlying medical condition such as heart disease or diabetes, which could be compromised if they became pregnant.

There are other women who are cancer survivors and their treatments rendered them infertile.

For years, it was thought that “fertility” was a woman’s problem. It’s not. Men have their own fertility issues and may have undergone medical treatment(s) which created it.

Likewise, two married men are in need of a surrogate.

There’s an endless list as to why intended future parents are faced with family building hurdles.

For some who have sought adoption, they have discovered it’s not so easy. Groups have been faced with rejection due to health issues, age, or even sexual orientation.

A surrogate can wipe away these tears of denial and sadness and give people the most precious gift in the world: a baby.

No one should ever be denied the right to a child.

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