The Pure Enjoyment of Surrogacy

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The Pure Enjoyment of Surrogacy

FreeDigitalPhotos by Praisaeng

FreeDigitalPhotos by Praisaeng

Surrogates are defined by giving a priceless gift to those who are unable to have a child of their own. They are continually praised for the purest form of altruism.

However, as many surrogates candidly share, they receive immense pleasure from doing what they do. To such a degree, in fact, many of these compassionate women become repeat surrogates because of the joy it brings to their lives and to the lives of others.

Yes, while the beginning stages for surrogacy preparation include doctor appointments, daily hormone injections, and occasional blood work, these initial steps lead to the exciting day of an embryo transfer.

While the early surrogacy pathway has its share of “commitments,” it is all part of the wonderful journey which awaits them and the unbridled joy of their intended parents.

The number of couples affected by infertility is sadly astounding. Be it an illness or the inability to conceive or carry a baby, surrogacy is the answer for so many couples who have experienced the heartbreaking hurdles of infertility.

There comes a point, however, when couples realize they can have their baby.  And that way is through surrogacy.

In the LGBT community, gay men are forever grateful to these women who convert their parenthood dreams into a reality.

For surrogate mothers, they’ve had their own children and adore being pregnant. To think that a couple is not able to experience the love of a child tugs at their heartstrings. These special women cannot turn away, and instead, step forward to help those in need.

When pregnancy is achieved after an embryo transfer, it’s a celebratory moment on so many levels. A surrogate feels immense elation knowing she is making a profound difference in someone else’s life.

As the months progress, the excitement mounts even more. While pregnancy is a mere fleeting time of nine months, what a surrogate gives is something which lasts a lifetime.

There’s no prouder moment for a surrogate when the baby is born and the infant nestles in the loving arms of its parents.

For compassionate women wanting to learn more about surrogacy, please visit our contact page or call 760-438-2265 to speak with one of our caring specialists at Extraordinary Conceptions.


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