The rewards of being an egg donor

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The rewards of being an egg donor

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FreeDigitalPhotos by Tiverlucky

Infertility is a heartbreaking challenge which couples face every single day.  For many, their dreams of having their own baby may begin to fade.  Medical science, however, has given people a new spark of hope.

And for some, it starts with finding the perfect egg donor.

Women, generally between the ages of 18 to 29, are realizing the gift they are able to give future loving parents by being an egg donor.

“We have egg donors that sign up to be a potential donor for many different reasons,” said Tracy Devany, Donor Case Manager at Extraordinary Conceptions, an international agency which matches egg donors and surrogates to either couples or individuals wanting to build a family.  “Majority of our donors do it to help out and see success for couples who have been struggling to have a baby.”

Devany also pointed out that egg donors do collect a generous compensation, as well.  On average, a first time donor is likely to receive $5,000.  And for those who decide on becoming future donors, Devany said, the compensation increases significantly.

Prestigious companies, such as Extraordinary Conceptions, offer a list of egg donor benefits which include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial advantages to help pay for school or other bills
  • The chance to visit a different state or country and bringing a family member or friend along
  • Paid expenses
  • Partnering with caring professionals who help navigate donors through the process
  • Having the ability to make a person or couples’ dream of having a baby come true

For any woman who considers in being an egg donor, it’s natural to ask those common frequently asked questions before filling out a donor application. Remember, questions are always encouraged.

Just think of the possibilities – a couple who can match the right egg donor that can mirror their ethnicity, creativity, passions, and other characteristics.  Being part of such a process is truly amazing.

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