When women help women, the results are truly awe-inspiring. And this certainly holds true for a woman battling infertility who needs the help of a surrogate to carry her baby.

This journey transcends to those who would love to become a surrogate but are unable to do so due to age or other health issues. By referring a lady who would make a remarkable surrogate, they can be part of this heartfelt miracle.

These women believe in surrogacy, respect the medical advancements which enable to people to have babies through third-party reproduction, and believe that everyone deserves the right to have a child. Through their support, those who talk about surrogacy are educating people and giving those who thought they could never have a family new hope.

While referring a surrogate offers indescribable personal rewards, Extraordinary Conceptions, a California surrogate agency, wants to thank these caring women another way for the whole month of June 2015.

Extraordinary Conceptions recently announced its $1,000 Visa/MasterCard Gift Card Surrogate Referral Fee. The rewards of referring a family member, friend, or associate at work have so much potential. Just think, mentioning the idea of “surrogacy” to someone could make parenthood dreams come true.

“I personally know two couples who have been touched by surrogacy,” Theresa McGreene said. “Not too long ago, I mentioned surrogacy to my hairstylist and she said, ‘I’ve always thought about becoming a surrogate because I had such easy pregnancies.’”

Reaching out verbally to someone can reveal a scenario such as this.

Extraordinary Conceptions is offering this referral incentive until June 30, 2015. According to the agency which was founded by intended parents, the surrogate applicant must complete their application from now until June 30, 2015. Referral fees are issued once legal contracts are signed and during the application process, the candidate must include the name of the person who referred her.

While this new bonus is intended for new surrogates, women in California continue to be the highest in demand. Nevertheless, other top states also consist of Hawaii, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Oklahoma, Colorado and other states where surrogacy is legal.

Surrogate candidates must also be mothers, and they have the potential to earn $32,000 to $60,000. Generally, these ladies are 21 to 36 in age, adore pregnancy, and are compassionate in helping others.

Surrogates not only have the opportunity to help those in the USA but also around the globe. Their gift in helping others is so incredibly profound.

To learn more about the $1,000 Visa/MasterCard Gift Card Surrogate Referral Fee or surrogate requirements, please visit Extraordinary Conceptions at or call at 760-438-2265.