A Bridge of Support for IPs

At Extraordinary Conceptions we truly cherish our surrogates. Because of their incredible dedication in helping those unable to carry a baby, these ladies are creating miracles every day.

The founders of Extraordinary Conceptions struggled with infertility for several years. Eventually, they reached out to the helping hand of a surrogate mother. More than a decade ago, their twins were born through surrogacy. This life changing experience instilled in the founders a steadfast mission to make certain their surrogates continually receive sterling adoration.

Extraordinary Conceptions has built a foundation of surrogacy support groups. Their most sought after ones are on social media outlets. Invariably, these groups flourish and shine a spotlight on the Surrogacy Sisterhood.

Within this circle are women who have traveled the surrogacy road before, and on the horizon, those ladies taking their initial steps on this heartfelt journey for the very first time. Among these women, their bond is instinctive and immediate.

Frequently described as an extended family this sisterhood exemplifies an innate friendship. They will themselves toward the goal to help a childless couple nuzzle with the baby they were meant to adore.

Surrogates are what dreams are made of.

The friendship among these women strengthens with each passing month, celebrating the miraculous birth. And they are there for one another after the baby is born. What embodies the sisterhood is the support they receive each and every day.

The surrogacy road offers its own unique twists and turns. Some days are filled with unbridled joy, emotional ones, and milestone celebrations. Each woman candidly shares their feelings with the utmost acceptance and encouragement.

With each step a surrogate mother takes, other surrogate sisters are following those same footprints. While each woman has her own distinct voice and point of view, there is without a doubt one glaring commonality which resonates within them: the passion to help others build a family.

Extraordinary Conceptions fosters an environment where surrogacy sisterhood is brimful overflowing with hope, inspiration, reassurance, and above all, where forever friendships are made.

To learn more about surrogacy and the sign up process log onto www.extraconceptions.com or call (760) 438-2265.