A Bridge of Support for IPs

Surrogates bring joy to future parents. Continually, they break down barriers making it possible for those who thought they could never have a baby, finally fulfill their dreams of becoming mothers and fathers.

The compassionate power radiating from these women is truly magnetic.

There are “Surrogate Sisterhood” groups in different parts of the nation and even around the world. However, when magnified, those distinctions dissipate and what remains is a global unification.

The goal of a surrogate is to carry a baby for one who is unable to do so. With kindheartedness at the forefront, they embrace intended parents through one of the most remarkable creations ever imagined: a baby.

Sadly, not everyone is able to experience pregnancy. Be it infertility or illness, there are countless couples unable to conceive. And for gay partners, wanting to become fathers, those visions should never be blinded by doubt.

Surrogacy turns dreams into realities.

Surrogate Sisterhood is a renaissance of women helping others in the most profound way. This sisterhood gathers like-minded women together who have walked down the surrogacy road or are on the pathway. It is a group of unwavering support, adoration, and deep friendship.

Together, they share this genuine honor not only among themselves, but their loved ones, family, and friends. Within this Sisterhood Surrogacy circle, the compassionate current around them spreads, teaching others about surrogacy. These lovely women raise awareness every single day.

The Surrogate Sisterhood supports one another throughout their journey and more importantly, after the baby is born.

But as all surrogates know, the journey never ends because the gift of parenthood, memories and generations which follow are priceless.

Make no mistake about it. Surrogacy is a miracle punctuated with hope. The lives surrogate mothers have touched and the ways they have impacted families are immeasurable.

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