Extraordinary Conceptions' Executive Director, Mario Caballero, readies for Tiffany® bracelet giveaway to new surrogates who complete the application process up to May 2015!

Extraordinary Conceptions’ Executive Director, Mario Caballero, readies for Tiffany® bracelet giveaway to new surrogates who complete the application process up until May 2015!

It’s an exciting time at Extraordinary Conceptions and for new surrogates who sign up and register with this top California surrogacy agency by May 31, 2015. Not only do these special ladies have the opportunity to receive a classic Tiffany® “Heart Tag Charm Bracelet,” but they also can receive a $1,000 signing bonus.

Extraordinary Conceptions felt it was the perfect time to give its new surrogates an amazing piece of jewelry and incredible keepsake. Tiffany® has been the nation’s world premiere jeweler since the 1800s, and Extraordinary Conceptions wanted to give its new surrogates a timeless piece.

Extraordinary Conceptions exceeds “ordinary expectations” every single day. From their generous compensation to genuine care they give to their surrogates is unsurpassed. For the remainder of the month, this agency decided to raise the “extraordinary bar” even higher by offering this exceptional token.

Everything about Tiffany® embodies brilliance, outstanding client care, and cherished memories. Extraordinary Conceptions truly could not think of anything else other than giving the gift of Tiffany®.

Extraordinary Conceptions works diligently to make parenthood dreams come true. Its mission is to give their surrogates superlative care, and because of a woman’s altruistic calling, everlasting memories for not only her intended parents, but also for her.

Once a woman travels down the surrogacy road, those indelible imprints are forever.

In addition to a gorgeous piece of jewelry, Extraordinary Conceptions also officially doubled its signing bonus. Qualified new surrogate applicants, who finish registration and application process by May 31, 2015, have a $1,000 bonus to look forward to.

While there are requirements in becoming a surrogate, the starting point is that the women are already mothers and between the ages of 21 to 38. Surrogates have the incredible potential to earn $32,000 to $60,000.

Receiving the bracelet and bonus will occur in two steps.

For starters, surrogate applicants who complete the registration and application process from May 15, 2015 through May 31, 2015 and pass all their screenings will receive a Tiffany® “Heart Tag Charm Bracelet.”

Following this, those same surrogates who completed the above process up to the May 31, 2015 timeframe will collect their $1,000 after their legal contracts are signed.

This is an incredibly exciting time at Extraordinary Conceptions. Not only are these new surrogates afforded a signing bonus and exquisite piece of Tiffany® jewelry, but they are able to give a childless individual or couple the priceless gift of a baby.

And there truly is no greater gift than this.

To get started on this incredible journey, sign up today to receive a Tiffany® bracelet and $1,000 signing bonus at https://extraconceptions.co/login.php or call (760) 438-2265 for more information.