For many parents, the thought of traveling with their children can be stressful and maybe even a little terrifying. With the busy holiday season, we’d like to share a few helpful tips that may make traveling with children a little bit easier.

We all know to pack light and wear layered clothing, but when packing with kids in mind, here are some easy ways to make traveling more fun and less stressful.

Pack Snacks

Pack easy to access (and eat) snacks such as trail mix, crackers, dry cereal, nuts, dried fruit and M&Ms. Conveniently packaged items such as fruit snacks, squeezable fruit pouches, granola bars and Lunchables also work well for travel.

Make sure to bring some healthy options that are high in protein to keep them full and crashing on sugar later on in the flight.

Just keep in mind that you may want to keep your liquid snacks and juice boxes, including the fruit pouches, below 3 ounces. While you are allowed to bring larger sizes onto the plane, doing so can trigger extra screenings and inspections.Make sure to pack a mix of old favorites and new options. Sometimes kids want what they are familiar with, their comfort food, so to speak. Other times they may want something new and novel to try.

Ziplock baggies are a great way to hold snacks but some moms are using craft/tackle boxes as “snackle boxes” to hold their snacks in one convenient place.

Pack Fun

Most parents find it helpful to travel with an iPad or tablet to help keep their little ones entertained. With a tablet, you can download apps and movies which can keep them distracted and help avoid tantrums. You can even purchase tablet organizers that hang on the back of the seat in front of you from Amazon, or you can make your own using a large ziplock bag. This is especially helpful when flying and tray tables must be in their locked and upright positions.

Don’t forget to pack kid friendly headphones to help with volume control and all charging cords and portable chargers! Make sure to charge all of the devices completely before you leave and don’t hesitate to “top them off” while waiting at the gate. Playing old school car games such as “I Spy”, the license plate game or having a sing-a-long will keep kids engaged while on the road. A great way to get moving during lengthy road trips is to have your kids compete in quick athletic activities when you are stopped for a break. It can be something simple such as how many jumping jacks, sit ups or pushups they can do in 1 minute.

Pack Smart

Make sure you pack plenty of baby wipes and a small plastic bag for your trash, which can also be used in case of a travel sickness emergency. Don’t forget extra clothes for baby, and for you, in case of an accident or if someone gets sick. It may seem silly to bring an extra shirt for yourself, but if you happen to be holding a child while they get sick, you’ll be really happy you did! Inflatable travel pillows save you space and provide comfort along the trip. Packing cubes or extra large ziplock space saver bags are great space saving tools for organized packing.

Don’t pack what you don’t need. Unless you are going on a trip to a super remote destination or the essentials will be expensive when you get there, plan to pick up the basics when you arrive. Diapers, wipes and baby food all take up a lot of room and can usually be purchased after your trip. This will save a ton of room in your luggage.

What is your best advice for traveling with little ones? Please feel free to comment and share your favorite tips below!