Traveling For Egg Donors

Reputable egg donor agencies engage extraordinary women to help build families and travel at the same time.

Every day a woman decides to pay it forward by becoming an egg donor so individuals and couples can finally become parents. The impact a woman makes to intending parents is truly remarkable, and in so many instances, profound enough that it’s hard for someone to wrap their mind around the concept.

Just think, a donor can help a woman who has been rendered infertile due to the chemotherapy she underwent years ago the opportunity to finally have a baby. While cancer robbed her of fertility, an egg donor can help restore that through her generous and selfless act.

All donors are compensated generously at $5,000 for their first donation. However, one-hundred percent Asian egg donors can receive $12,000 or more.

These women also have the unique opportunity for traveling. Reputable national and international egg donor agencies engage extraordinary women to help build families and travel at the same time.

While agencies may differ, only look for top-tiers with official brick and mortar headquarters that pay for all travel fees both nationally and internationally. More importantly, do find an agency that invites the opportunity for a donor to bring a friend or family member with them. Agencies that are financially secure will pay travel expenses for the donor and their companion.

While agencies will have an office team member, also referred to as a coordinator or concierge available during this travel time, a lot is to be said to give a donor more peace of mind knowing she can invite a companion to travel with her. Leading egg donor agencies want their donors to feel comfortable, safe, secure, and happy for this memorable journey.

And that’s exactly what a professional and compassionate agency does.

Egg donors who are giving so much of themselves and their time deserve not only to receive genuine care but be afforded the opportunity for travel and sightseeing. Great agencies want to ensure their donors are enjoying their once in a lifetime donor experience.

However, for many egg donors, it’s not just one time. Their journey is outstanding on so many levels, that they become a repeat donor and encourage their friends to think about paying it forward as well.

Because of egg donors, parenthood dreams and the miracle of birth becomes a reality.