Chinese Surrogacy

A recent article which lit up the media headlines on CNN brought international surrogacy to the forefront. This news story coverage triggered awareness regarding how the Chinese are seeking surrogacy in the United States.

Particular states in the nation provide legal documentation which grant intended parents with parental rights. Also, babies born via surrogacy in the United States are covered under the Affordable Health Care Act in the event they require medical attention following birth.

Undeniably, the attraction to surrogacy in the United States is high as well as the need for Chinese egg donors.

Current data shows that 1 in 10 individuals are suffering from infertility in China.

In the CNN story, they brought this emotional story to life interviewing Audra Anderson, 32, a California surrogate mother who carried a baby for a gay couple in China. The baby boy was recently born.

Anderson is also the mother of a young daughter. The little girl enjoyed the third trimester, gently placing her hand on her mother’s belly and feeling the baby kick. She knew the baby was going to a forever family.

And Anderson’s husband was completely supportive of the idea as well.

Anderson has no genetic ties to the surro-baby. The implanted embryo was the result of an egg donor and donated sperm.

In the article, Anderson calls the Chinese couple wonderful.

She told CNN reporters, “They are loving and caring, and if I didn’t think that, I wouldn’t give them two wonderful children.”

Like most surrogates, Anderson had such a great experience she decided to be a repeat surrogate. The Chinese men asked to remain anonymous for the media coverage.

Similar to other surrogates, Anderson explained to her child and others that the journey was like babysitting in a special way.

“I’m just an oven, and at the end of the day I give the cake back,” she told CNN.

This coverage was superbly done because it conveyed the human emotion of surrogacy. American women want to help couples in China fulfill the dreams of parenthood. What was not covered, however, is also the demand of 100% East Asian egg donors.

Extraordinary Conceptions continues to have the honor to help the Chinese population who yearn to build families through surrogacy. Frequent visits to China reveal the dire need. The reasons for infertility transcend globally and may include:

  • Medical issues such as cancer treatments which may cause infertility
  • Infertility challenges
  • Failed fertility treatment attempts
  • Same-sex couples
  • Low ovarian reserve

In certain parts of China, pollution is a serious concern. And since the one-child policy has been renounced, couples in their thirties and forties are facing fertility issues and are seeking surrogacy.

Be it heterosexual or homosexual individuals or couples, egg donation, surrogacy, and/or both may be needed. The Chinese are yearning for help and international surrogacy agencies in the United States are there to meet those needs with surrogates and egg donors.

And yes, while surrogates are generously compensated, Anderson could not have said it better when she stated, “You don’t do it for the money….you do it because you want to help.”
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