Video captures surrogacy story

A recent video highlights a surrogacy journey.

Recently a video was released highlighting the journey of a woman who helped a gay couple have a baby they always dreamed about. On, Janet Upadhye did a splendid job capturing the joyous story of surrogacy in addition to giving a realistic representation.

From the video, it was surmised that Jazmin, the surrogate, resided in Victorville, CA, with her family. Jazmin already had her own children and decided she wanted to help Stein and Jon have a baby. She was their gestational surrogate to their baby girl, Astrid. 

Jazmin eloquently answered a question that most surrogates often hear.

Don’t surrogates get attached to the baby they are carrying?

“The best answer I can give you is when you have two people making life plans for this child that you’re carrying, it’s kind of impossible to think, “Oh, this is mine, you know? This child is waited for,” she said in the clip.

Jazmin also addressed another fallacy: the financial aspect.

Many gestational surrogates like Jazmin are often questioned if they are embarking on this journey just for the money. And any surrogate will voice that this is not the case. While women do get compensated quite generously at top-tier agencies, they become surrogates to help people that would not otherwise have a baby without them.     

“We are educated, big-hearted women who want the opportunity to give someone else the gifts that we have been blessed to have our own children.  I have my family.  I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful girls, and two cute little dogs.  My family is complete,” Jazmin conveyed in the video. “With the family that I’m currently working with, I am their third surrogate, so they have been trying to have a child for almost five years now.”

Jon and Stein, who do not live in the states, had endured so much to have their baby. And Jazmin made those fatherhood dreams a possibility once and for all. The men described the first time they held their daughter as “precious.”

Suddenly, we are a family,” Jon said on

Jon went on to say that when a woman decides to become a gestational surrogate, they make the decision to do so.  And this was an exceptional statement as many gestational surrogates admit that this first step comes from the heart. Women living in the U.S.A. become surrogates by their own free will.

As eloquent as Jazmin, Jon conveyed in the video Jazmin’s courage, strength, and pure reasoning in wanting to help others.

The video depicted intended parents and surrogacy in such an accurate and relevant manner – it’s a true masterpiece.

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