We’d like to introduce you to HOPE

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We’d like to introduce you to HOPE

We’d like to introduce you to HOPE

HOPE provides comfort during a surrogacy journey.

Meet our newest team member, HOPE. We wanted to thank all of you who took part in helping us name Extraordinary Conceptions’ new Teddy Bear.

“We received so many creative and wonderful names for our new mascot,” said Mario Caballero, executive director of Extraordinary Conceptions.

According to Caballero, Extraordinary Conceptions needed help naming its Teddy Bear, and for a variety of reasons, they ultimately chose the name, “HOPE.

“These special Teddy Bears will be a symbol of comfort to our intended parents or surrogates who may need some extra support until that incredible day when parenthood dreams come true,” Caballero said.  “Hope is a universal word, and because we are an international agency, HOPE, will help unify and bridge those compassionate miles. HOPE reminds us all of the pure joy and happiness that surrogacy brings to our lives.”

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