What surrogates should ask an agency

One surefire way to separate mediocre agencies from top-shelf surrogacy agencies is to ask the right questions.

For women who want to become surrogates, the thought of doing so may have lingered in their minds for some time. Each woman embraces this self-discovery in their own special way. The passion to help intending parents could be rooted by meeting a surrogate or watching heartfelt media coverage about a surrogacy journey.

There are numerous reasons as to why an intending parent looks to third-party reproduction for help. And the wonderful news is that surrogacy turns parenthood dreams into reality.

When a woman has completed having her own children, then the time is right to consider surrogacy; however, where to start can be an overwhelming endeavor with so many agency advertisements. But there’s no need to worry. One surefire way to separate mediocre agencies from top-shelf surrogacy agencies is to interview them.

Always remember that while an agency does choose surrogate candidates, one should also not forget that they are ultimately choosing the agency they want to work with because it is a two-way process.

There is a list of what surrogates should ask an agency or in this case, potential surrogates.

Before honing in on a particular surrogacy agency, the best method is finding an agency with years of experience and one which has an official brick and mortar headquarters. The best rule of thumb is to locate an agency that has been in the surrogacy industry for at least 10 years.

While many agencies have an online application, never feel pressured into filling one out. Send an email inquiry to learn more or even set up a preliminary phone interview also known as a surrogate personal pre-screening consult. Find an agency that will take the time needed to answer questions even before filling out an application.

That’s the type of care and compassion a potential surrogate should search for. While there is an array of questions to ask, here are the top ones for that checklist along with some helpful tips.

They are the following:

  • Could you explain what type of life insurance policy you have for surrogates? (Do note that top agencies offer $500,000.)
  • If travel is needed, does the agency pay for this? (Do note that top agencies pay for all travel in advance.)
  • How am I matched with intending parents? (Do note that surrogates are involved in the matching process with a reputable agency.)
  • What do I do if my health insurance does not cover surrogacy? (Do note that top agencies will have a protocol for this so be comfortable with this information before moving forward.)
  • How is my money secured and how are payments made to me? (Reputable agencies will have an escrow account with direct deposit.)
  • How much is your base compensation for surrogacy and how much is the full package? (Do note that for first-time surrogates, base compensation should be $35,000 and a full package starting at $40,000.)

The last questions about “full package” simply means that a surrogate working with a trustworthy agency will receive a monthly expense allowance, possible signing bonus, maternity clothing allowance, medication fee, transfer fee, and more.

Surrogacy is the memory of a lifetime so it’s important that a woman takes her time and partners with an agency that will take extraordinary care of her.