Who is the surrogacy admissions team?

Breana, a two-time surrogate, is still part of the surrogacy journey working in the Surrogacy Admission Team Department.

“Find compassionate hearts. Foster an environment of support.”

That’s the advice given by surrogacy admission team members when working with women who want to become surrogates, and it’s something that they follow every single day. It’s all about creating a supportive team environment to benefit surrogates and their well-being as they are about to help make parenthood dreams come true.

When finding surrogates, it comes down to women with compassionate hearts who can think of little else than to help someone. Breana and Shannon, surrogacy admission team members and care coordinators at Extraordinary Conceptions, understand this because they were surrogates, too.

For both women, their responsibilities are nearly identical. They are always available to surrogates by answering any questions they may have. As the delivery date gets closer for surrogates, Breana and Shannon help minimize any nervous feelings which may arise.  Being Care Coordinators also means that they provide surrogates with the same type of attention they would want by thinking back to the time they were on their own surrogacy journey.

Breana’s surrogacy journeys were in 2013 and then again in 2016. Already a mother of two boys, she knew it was time to help someone who needed her.

“When I think back to both surrogacies, it was the birth that was the most memorable experience of all,” Breana said. “It was incredible to see my intended parents hold their baby for the first time. I’ll never forget it.”

Breana would be a surrogate again in a heartbeat, but she’s not a candidate because of her four previous caesarean sections. But that hasn’t stopped her from being part of the surrogacy journey in her own special way.

At Extraordinary Conceptions, Breana interviews potential candidates and offers a listening ear and great advice to surrogates as a Care Coordinator. Working next to Breana is Shannon, a seasoned surrogate who also had two journeys.

Like Breana, Shannon has incredible insight and compassion. Shannon knows all about the pregnancy hormonal roller coaster ride and is there to help ease the stress that may come along from time to time.

Who is the surrogacy admissions team?

Shannon, a two-time surrogate now working at Extraordinary Conceptions, offers insight and compassion with other surrogates.

“I just let our surrogates know that everything is going to be okay. As soon as these women see their intended parents holding their baby, the whole surrogacy experience is worth it. It’s just incredible,” she said.

Breana and Shannon admit that when they were surrogates the first time, they had no intention to do it again, but that all changed after the delivery. When they saw the faces of their intended parents embracing their babies, they knew they had to be surrogates again.

“There’s something about being able to give something so special to other people. And to give them the baby that they have wanted for so long is amazing,” Shannon said.

For Shannon and Breana, each day is a new day to help make parenthood dreams come true. It’s why they do what they do.