Why do seasoned surrogates work at EC?

Shannon, a former EC surrogate, now works at the agency’s Surrogacy Admissions Team department.

At Extraordinary Conceptions, every surrogate receives the highest level of personalized care and the attention they deserve. They give so much of themselves to carry a baby for an intended parent so they can experience the love of a child.

Extraordinary Conceptions responds by doing all they can to exceed the needs and expectations of its surrogates. The agency is often described by many as being the model example in a compassionate industry.

Because of this quality of care, seasoned surrogates are eager to join Extraordinary Conceptions when a position at the agency becomes available. One former surrogate is Shannon who recently accepted her new role in the Surrogacy Admissions Team department.

“I was working at another place, and I got a call from the coordinator I had during my last [surrogacy] journey at Extraordinary Conceptions, and she wanted to know if I was looking for a job,” Shannon said. “I got really excited because I kind of always wanted to work here, but I didn’t know how to go about it.”

As the old saying goes, when one door closes, another opens. And Shannon is so happy to have walked through Extraordinary Conceptions’ door.

“I just love talking with our surrogates. I love hearing about their experiences and being part of where they’re at in the process,” she said.

For Shannon, she’s by their side every step of the way like Extraordinary Conceptions was for her. When surrogates learn that Shannon was a former gestational carrier at Extraordinary Conceptions, an immediate and personal connection happens between them.

It’s a natural response because Shannon has walked in their shoes.

Many of Shannon’s co-workers agree how she has the innate talent to ease a surrogate’s mind by giving the information they need to minimize their nerves particularly when the delivery date nears.

“Shannon has the knowledge of what it takes to be a surrogate, the struggles, the hurdles and the joys of what it’s like to give such an amazing gift and she is willing to share her personal experience with our surrogate applicants,” Surrogacy Department Director Candace Simpson said.

Shannon has incredible insight, wisdom, and compassion. She is there for surrogates to help navigate the hormonal roller coaster ride of pregnancy and to celebrate the surrogacy milestones.

“I just let them know how everything is going to be okay. As soon as surrogates see their intended parents holding their baby the experience is so incredibly worth it,” she said. “Most surrogates come back to become repeats because they just love that feeling of being able to give something so special to other people. That’s what happened to me.”

When people ask Shannon about her personal surrogacy experience, she is so candid, sharing how amazing the whole journey was for her. While it’s difficult to put into words, the tears in Shannon’s eyes say it all.