Why IVF Centers Partner With Extraordinary Conceptions

Leading IVF centers continue to partner with EC for egg donor candidates.

Leading centers around the nation that specialize in reproductive endocrinology and infertility have partnered with Extraordinary Conceptions for more than a decade for its egg donor candidates. Extraordinary Conceptions remains a top-tier international surrogacy and egg donor agency headquartered in San Diego, California, with an additional office on the East Coast to assist its international intended parents.

IVF centers around the nation have relied on Extraordinary Conceptions because of its expertise in the industry. The agency’s compassionate care has also received high praises. Extraordinary Conceptions completely understands how successful fertility centers whose protocol encompasses innovative treatments are also in need of superior egg donor candidates. The agency’s world class “best practices” have perfectly aligned itself with revolutionary treatment centers.

The egg donation team at Extraordinary Conceptions internally employs a rigorous protocol which many IVF centers describe as superior.  In turn, this instills further confidence among fertility centers knowing that their patients will find success in building their own family.

Currently, Extraordinary Conceptions has more than 2,538 egg donors in its secure database. The agency’s recruitment program evolves on a weekly basis by generating approximately 100 new applicants every week. At a glance, here is additional data worth mentioning:

  • 253 donors in the database are repeat donors
  • 181 donors in the database are of Asian descent
  • 1,207 donors in the database are college educated, including Ivy League schools

A significant portion of Extraordinary Conceptions’ recruitment program consists of a comprehensive candidate application process and in-depth questionnaire portion. While the agency’s database is considered by many in the industry as robust, other aspects of its egg donor program set it apart from others.

Extraordinary Conceptions’ collaborative approach in selecting exceptional donors includes the following:

  • Donors are pre-screened for two of the most common STDs and AMH.
  • Donors consist of those who wish to be anonymous as well as those who agree to be identified.
  • All psychological screenings are performed at the agency’s San Diego headquarters with its in-house Licensed Marriage Family Therapist.
  • Close affiliations with expert reproductive attorneys.
  • All travel specialists, notaries, and insurance professionals remain in-house.
  • Extraordinary Conceptions’ team members fluently speak 12 various languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese, Vietnamese, Russian, and Czech.

The agency also grants approved IVF clinics to its secure database to help assist its intended parents. Extraordinary Conceptions continues to have the distinct privilege in partnering with highly regarded fertility centers who utilize integrative medicine so that everyone may ultimately experience the love a of child.