Human Pregnancy

Some may think that being a surrogate is for the “chosen few,” but this type of perception is changing radically. With the advent of 21st century medical technology in the field of fertility medicine, those who have been unable to carry a child turn to a surrogate to build their families.

It’s an option many are embracing.

Celebrity surrogacy stories making the headlines are also raising awareness. And, of course, other heartfelt articles from future parents make many women mindful in how they can take part in such a remarkable journey.

What was once not a part of common discussion, now seems to be a widespread topic in the battle against fertility and LGBT parenting services.

Seemingly, women who choose to become a surrogate aren’t looking at the pathway as carrying a stranger’s baby for nine months. Instead, it’s an internal “call to action” punctuated by empathy.

Women wanting to become surrogates are already mothers. What drives many of them is compassion when realizing that carrying a baby may be impossible for others, and they want nothing more than to help those in need.

Having been pregnant before, they readily understand the time and commitment it takes. Additionally, the ladies agree to daily hormone shots before the embryo transfer, and in some cases, part of the first trimester.

For a number of women, being a surrogate is their opportunity to “give back” and “pay it forward” in a tremendous way. Many also comment how being a surrogate is a fulfilling and unique full-time babysitting project until the birth day.

Surrogates who embark on this journey sometimes decide to do it again. A surrogate instinctively knows they need to be of once more after seeing the joy in the eyes of intended parents when holding their newborn.

When women decide to become surrogates, they may have a preconceived vision of wanting to help a couple who has battled infertility for years, help a woman who was rendered infertile due to a former illness or cancer treatments, or to assist the gay community.

A surrogate can be quite specific in who they intend to want to carry for. In terms of helping the LGBT community, women feel as if they are truly taking a stand for equality. They support gay marriage, and with this unwavering belief, want to help gay men achieve their dreams of fatherhood.

It’s a woman’s way of taking part in activism.

Throughout the nation and even abroad, gay marriage may not be legal and neither is adoption. Surrogacy is a way to initiate this fairness since equality is the essence of liberty.

There are critics out there who state that surrogacy should be purely altruistic and without a price tag. While everyone is entitled to an opinion, a woman who becomes a surrogate should be generously compensated. Pregnancy is a 24-hour job rife with responsibility. It’s because of a surrogate that the miracle of birth happens for childless individuals every single day.

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