Why The Chinese Turn To USA Surrogates

It is estimated that 1 in 10 Chinese individuals are struggling with infertility. These numbers are more than statistics. Tear away these calculations and what is revealed are people who want nothing more than to have a family, and they are unable to do so.

Over recent years, the issue of the Chinese turning to the United States for surrogacy has received significant media attention. This is so because the demand is so high. What has influenced this may be the once mandated “one-child policy” being waived, leaving many older adults at a stage in their life where they are infertile. Another impact is the pollution which may be triggering infertility.

China Daily reporter, Lia Zhu, interviewed Mario Caballero of Extraordinary Conceptions, a California surrogacy and egg donor agency which has helped people all over the world build a family.

According to Caballero, their surrogacy agency receives roughly 60 percent of its intended parents from the Chinese. Meeting this demand, they have brought on board several team members who speak Chinese in tandem with understanding the culture.

Mario told China Daily that he journeys to China a few times a year and has assisted hundreds of couples. In addition to meeting clients, he also visits IVF clinics and other key individuals.

Due to the fact that surrogacy is illegal in China, citizens come overseas to become parents. Laws in particular states, such as California, are considered surrogacy-friendly.

Caballero told Zhu, “You can come to the U.S. to have a baby and you can be a single person or an older person. All of this has been communicated by media back to China so people decided that they could have a family when they thought they could not.”

Caballero added while other countries may offer a lower cost for surrogacy, the Chinese among others around the world, come to America due to an excellent pregnancy success rate and stable laws.

The right of parentage laws such as in California allow newborns to receive a U.S. passport and the names of the intended parents are on the child’s birth certificate which is immeasurable.

While the demand for surrogacy is high among the Chinese, top surrogacy agencies meet this request with elite surrogates and Chinese egg donors. Allowing people around the world an opportunity to be a parent should be deserved by all.