Human Pregnancy

Becoming a surrogate mother is a personal decision. Each woman has her own unique perspective and motive which triggers something within her in wanting to help an individual or couple who is childless to become parents.

Extraordinary Conceptions, an international egg donor and surrogate agency headquartered in California, realizes that without the advancements in fertility medicine, so many people would remain childless. A surrogate bridges the gap in building a family for future parents.

Heartfelt stories of infertility, miscarriages, or a former illness which renders a woman incapable of carrying a child pierces the very heart of a surrogate. These women have already had their own families and reach a point in their lives where it is time to be of service to others who want children.

Surrogates help create the miracle of life every single day.

Here is a closer look into why a surrogate’s mother calling is so profound.

Responsible For Generations

A surrogate not only carries a baby, but she is responsible in creating generations to come. A surrogate makes it possible for parents to love a child, watch them grow, and with every step, experience their child’s milestones into adulthood and beyond.

Undeniably, it’s an experience which no words can truly define.

A surrogate is giving someone the opportunity to give and receive unconditional love.

Surrogate Sisterhood  

At top shelf agencies such as Extraordinary Conceptions, when a woman decides to become a surrogate, she becomes part of a “Sisterhood.” There is an immediate, unspoken bond among surrogates. Friendships are created for a lifetime. The Sisterhood offers emotional support, lifelong friendships, mentoring, and absolute compassion.

Health Benefits

Before one becomes a surrogate, she undergoes medical testing and screening. This type of healthcare is costly, but an agency such as Extraordinary Conceptions covers these fees. A woman is afforded a special opportunity in receiving an accurate diagnosis of her overall health, and she receives notable healthcare if she becomes a surrogate.

Emotional and Financial Rewards

The emotional rewards for a surrogate are boundless especially when she witnesses the parents holding their baby for the very first time. Such a sight can actually steal her breath away.

While the altruistic reasons are multiple, one would be remiss if they didn’t mention the financial rewards in surrogacy. Being a surrogate is a 24-hour job, and a woman should be compensated generously for it. Without a lady stepping forward for this important journey, there are so many people in the world who would never be given the priceless gift of baby.

As the great Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

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