Becoming a gestational surrogate is a personal decision.

People often wonder what the one dominate trait is in a surrogate. That answer is easy. It’s compassion.

Surrogates want to help a couple suffering from infertility by giving them the love of a child. Other women looking into surrogacy do so to help a gay couple who want nothing else than to be fathers.

For some women, being a surrogate is a calling. And for others, they are exposed to this “amazing gift,” after hearing a friend or family member has taken part in something so beautiful.

Whatever the personal motivation, these women enjoy being pregnant and have a history of easy conceptions and pregnancies.

Surrogates come from various educational backgrounds. From teachers, nurses, stay-at-home moms, to military wives, an array of women from all types of professions take a step forward to help.

Remember how the first trait listed was compassion? Well, others which follow are intelligence, trustworthiness, and kindness.

What these women want to do is help create a family for others.

Throughout the years, military spouses who have chosen to be surrogates have often commented how there was an additional sense of support and solidarity among one another.

And the same holds true for stay-at-home mothers.

Women who decide to become surrogates believe in a strong sense of family; and, to help someone attain that same goal means everything to them.

While giving intended parents the special gift of a loving baby is unwavering, the financial compensation can also be wonderful.

It’s important to point out that this compensation should only be viewed as supplemental. Many surrogates use these funds to put toward their own children’s college education fund, help with a down payment on a home, or add to their financial portfolio.

Women who make great surrogate candidates have realistic expectations about the process.

They understand the commitment of the application process, medical evaluations and treatments, embryo transfers, the months of pregnancy ahead of them, and then, giving birth.

At the end of the day, a surrogate mother realizes the roots of her loyalty is not financial, but rather, an emotional surge to help others.

That is why for many women, becoming a surrogate to help a couple in need, has been their lifelong dream.

Those who have gone through surrogacy often tell others how it takes commitment, time, and patience.

For many surrogates, they are in a relationship such as marriage. Because of this, the commitment of a surrogate also extends to everyone else in her family. The women often admit that having their own family involved in this “special process” brings them closer together.

It’s also a teaching opportunity for their own children by what it means to “give” and to “help others.”

While being a surrogate takes responsibility, they agree that the “miracle of birth” is truly seen when a couple is finally holding the baby they dreamt of having for so long. It’s the purest form of unconditional love.

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