What women learn after applying at a surrogacy agency

The goal of surrogacy agency interviews is to make sure that women are informed about what it takes to become a surrogate.

Women who apply to become surrogates at a surrogacy agency quickly learn how much is done behind the scenes. Once she fills out her initial application, she receives a phone call from a team member at the agency for a pre-qualification chat. That means the information on her application is reviewed.

The Next Surrogacy Process Level

If an applicant passes the pre-qualification chat, then next up is a phone interview with the admissions department. This interview lasts about 30 to 45 minutes.

“Sometimes it can take an hour depending on how many questions a woman has,” said Breana, who works in admissions at a California surrogacy agency.

Breana always takes her time with each woman so she can answer all their questions. If at all possible, applicants should research what they can about surrogacy before the interview. Most surrogacy agencies in the United States only have gestational carriers. This means there are no genetic ties to the baby.  The embryo is implanted through what’s called a transfer. And the eggs are either from the mother or an egg donor.


The Interview Goal For Surrogate Applicants

The goal for an interview is to learn more about surrogacy.  A woman will also learn if the agency is right for her. Every agency is different so it’s an important thing to think about. On the admissions side of things, Breana has her own goals.

“For me, the goal of the interview is to make sure the women are informed. That includes what the actual surrogacy process entails. It’s a commitment they are making for a year,” Breana said. “I also explain about the injection series, when they need to abstain, and the steps they need to take on becoming a surrogate.”

Some of those steps are medical and psychological screenings.

The Surrogacy Match

During the candidate interview, Breana also wants to learn about a woman’s personal surrogacy goals. Things that Breana likes to learn are the following:

  • If a woman is agreeable to an amniocentesis
  • Who they would like to carry for such as an LGBT or heterosexual couple
  • Views on reduction and termination

“The interview is also to understand their preferences. That helps us match them with a couple or person that’s at the same level as they want,” Breana said. “After all, this is her journey, too.”

It’s important to know that just because a woman is having this interview, it does not guarantee she will become a surrogate. An applicant still needs to have her medical and psychological screenings to become eligible.


An Interesting Detail Learned During The Pre-Surrogate Interview 

A woman will receive a lot of information during her post-application interview. She will also learn some interesting things. According to Breana, women are surprised to hear that intending parents live all around the world. At Breana’s agency, a number of their intending parents live overseas.

Be it national or international, the one thing all future parents want is finding the right surrogate to carry their baby.