You Spoke. We Listened.

EC’s new Care Coordinators are Shannon, Breana, and Roberta.

Ever since Extraordinary Conceptions announced their new position of “Care Coordinator” at its surrogacy department, many women have been curious to learn more. They are surprised that the essence of this new position came from the agency’s very own surrogates.

And it did.

It all started with a survey based on an unbiased approach on what our surrogates wanted. At the top of their wish list was more “personal communication” during their journey. While Case Coordinators were always available to surrogates, on the whole, they were unable to fulfill those personal needs.

Extraordinary Conceptions thought long and hard about this.

After some intense collaboration, the agency believed that the best way to provide this added communication was to have a blend of mothers and former surrogates fill the role of Care Coordinators. It was the most logical and innovative way to enrich the surrogacy experience.

Surrogates will now have both their Care Coordinators and Case Coordinators.

According to Candace Simpson, the Surrogacy Department Director at Extraordinary Conceptions, the process of adding on the Case Coordinator is seamless.

“It all begins with the women in the Admissions Department who are conducting the interviews for incoming surrogates,” Candace said. “Once a completed surrogate’s chart is in my hands, I assign our prospective surrogate to their Case Coordinator. The revised portion of the process is now happily introducing them to their specific Care Coordinator.”

Care Coordinators are the same women who did the initial interview, and they are all mothers, with two being former surrogates. They communicate directly with a surrogate throughout her entire cycle.

Currently, the agency’s new Care Coordinators are Shannon, Breana, and Roberta. For Shannon and Breana, having been former surrogates themselves, they are happy to help those who once walked in their shoes.

“I just love talking with our surrogates. I love hearing about their experiences and being part of where they’re at in the process,” Shannon said.

Extraordinary Conceptions has implemented the Care Coordinator position for more than a month and shared the response has been tremendous. The heightened communication is being well received.

In some cases, when a surrogate needs an update from their Case Coordinator, her Care Coordinator expedites the answer by personally delivering that question. Case Coordinator answers are relayed quickly back to surrogates. Other instances where surrogates appreciate the extra attention are when a transfer time gets closer on the calendar. Care Coordinators are active listeners before and after a transfer takes place.

“Care Coordinators know all about the ‘transfer’ stress. As active listeners, they share their own knowledge,” Candace said. “These ladies are communicating on a whole different level that surrogates understand. It’s a more personal experience.”

This extra level of care is also enhanced by the agency’s in-house therapist who has monthly check-ins with surrogates.

Even though Case Coordinators and Care Coordinators are two separate positions, Extraordinary Conceptions is quick to point out that both work in tandem to deliver the best possible experience to its surrogates.

“They are one in the same,” Candace said. “A Care Coordinator is offering additional support.”